Surprise! 2 Squares make a . . .



Remember the Jelly Roll squares I made a couple of weeks ago? and the Surprise I said was coming? Well, here it is! Over the past few days I joined them with strips on three sides. Like this:

But I didn’t want to sew the top closed. What to do . . .

Finally, I added a dark green strip at the top of the batik square (you can just see a bit of it in the photo) and continued the light green strip across the top of the other, so they overlap. Now I can remove the pillowform and wash the cover when needed. But here’s the problem with ‘design as you go’ . . . the overlap gaps a bit. So I am off to a fabric store next week to buy seven little buttons and there will be another picture of the final solution! Where there’s a will . . .

. . . and then I started the fourth patch for the scrappy Jelly Roll quilt top:

20130329-082845.jpg Three strips to go!

I do want to say, though . . . these are not patterns and colours I would normally choose; the day I bought this Jelly Roll, it was the only one left. But I thought it would do for a practise piece (less angst about spoiling something lovely) and it will still keep someone warm . . . the real point, after all!


16 thoughts on “Surprise! 2 Squares make a . . .

    • I clicked on your name with the wordpress link and it worked!! Thanks so much!! It’s such fun to read a bit about your life and see the pictures of your button jars and especially that bag! Your button people are delightful!!

  1. I love, love, love those colours and they have turned out so well. I have a huge collection of buttons, another fetish of mine, and my mind is going through which ones I would pick. I can’t wait to see what you get. You know quilting was born of necessity and usually made from whatever they had in scraps. I have seen some beautiful old quilts, so I think we are just too spoilt for choice now. Your quilt square is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see the next “chapter”.

    • Thanks, Kym! I am a real colour freak; the warm batiks side is my favourite. I was going to say what I’m leaning toward in the way of buttons, but I think I’ll wait and surprise you! ;-P

      I don’t have a button collection here, but I think I still have a jar full in my stuff in storage in BC. Oops, I lied! I just remembered the buttons I bought when I worked at the antique store, and when Lewiscraft closed, and the artsy pewter coured heart buttons waiting for the right sweater to come along, the big bag of baby clothes buttons and . . . I can’t believe I said I didn’t have a button collection . . .

      I remember reading that our grandmothers would have been shocked that we cut perfectly good fabric into tiny pieces, then spend more time sewing them back together again . . . how true! But they quilted to be thrifty and to keep people warm. Now it’s more about the art. I like both; I’m not a ‘perfect’ seamstress and I’m sure my first quilts will have plenty of faults, but whoever sleeps under them will still be warm . . .

      • My button collection is in an assortment of jars, all colour or style coded. Sad I know… I have a niece who is addicted like me to buttons. When we get together it’s like a pair of addicts getting a fix lol. She is very crafty and has knitted some amazing items. She uses huge needles as well. I’m not a knitter, I can crochet though.

      • So when do we get to see a picture of the button jars, Kym? I’d love to see them. I have enough of the baby buttons for a couple of small jars. I think I got them for something like 17 cents a card, with four to a card. Whatever it was, I couldn’t pass them up! The heart buttons are meant for a tunic-length sweater I began knitting during my Dad’s last illness. I’ve meant to finish it for some time; I think it’s here in a bag . . .

      • I will see if I can work out how to up load to my blog. I have a couple of days off for Easter and will give it a bash. You will see my obsession in all it’s glory then lol

      • That will be awesome, Kym!
        I upload from my iPhone mostly (as I take the photos); when I am on the computer, I just go to ‘add media’ (I think) and tell it where the pics are stored (on a flash drive, in my case, and I name my flash drives so it’s easy to remember where stuff is); once I find the camera cable again, I’ll be able to download from it to the flash drive and then upload (but I could upload straight from the camera, once plugged in . . .) Hope that helps a bit. When I see my buttons again (they’re at the apt., not in the storage, I’ll upload pics for YOU to drool over . . .

  2. Really lovely Linne :). I admire people who can quilt. I think my sister does and I know Kym, my friend from W.A. does it magnificently like you. I don’t even own a sewing machine (or a basket of patience πŸ˜‰ ) so quilting might just be a craft too far πŸ˜‰

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