For those of you addicted to crochet, and for those who are about to become so . . . this bag is super easy and incredibly beautiful. Once you have looked at this, check out her tutorials for shawls (don’t drool on your keyboard; it’s bad for the electronics!) and then go see her crocheted baskets: perfect for holding all sorts of things, depending on what materials you choose and the size you create: I’m thinking kindling, kitchen tools, toys, mittens and socks, etc. Enjoy! There’s a translation button, but the translation is not perfect. Still, I’m sure you can figure out the directions. I am SO in love with this rainbow Granny bag!! ~ Linne

Buscando Comienzos

La Mujer que Busca Comienzos tiene mucho que celebrar : 1.030 seguidores en la página de Facebook y casi 300.000 visitas al blog. Para celebrarlo como se merece, sorteo 🙂

El premio es… un BUSCO!!!


Podéis elegir entre el BUSCO Balón o…


… el BUSCO Maximonedero MIX


Soy novata en estas lides (es la primera vez que sorteo algo) y voy a intentar hacerlo fácil y sencillo.

Podéis participar  desde Facebook.

– entra en la página de Buscando Comienzos,  aquí

– dale a “me gusta esta página”

– dale a “me gusta esta foto”

– y deja un comentario eligiendo uno de los BUSCO.

También podéis dejar vuestro comentario aquí, pero me facilitaríais mucho la tarea si lo hicieseis en Facebook 🙂  El sorteo comienza hoy, 22 de febrero, y finaliza el próximo día 26 de febrero a las 24:00h.

¿Os gusta el BUSCO Balón o el BUSCO Maximonedero…

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  1. OOOOO another one! Lubbly Jubbly Linne…I am off to spend the day drooling and fighting Earl for posession of wool (I know who is going to be the loser but I am ever the opptimist 😉 ).

    • I saw this bag on “A Nice Piece of Work” and fell head over heels in love!! Then I checked out the rest of her site and saw the various containers; well!!! and then . . . the shawls!! I wonder how much caffeine I need so I never sleep again . . . ;-P Did I mention that my addictions include shawls?? I have several UFSs (Un-Finished Shawls) in project bags . . .

    • I only used the on-site translator, Kym, but same sort of results! I think most people could figure it out, though. I often use a free on-line translator and so far have had good results. Will have to copy and paste from this site and see if that’s better . . .

      Isn’t her stuff gorgeous, though?

      • I enjoy sharing anything that inspires me, Kym. I never know who else may benefit. I thought her shawls were not only lovely for their colours, most look simple and quick to do.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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