Surprise! (Final Quilt Ticket Give-away)

I was checking the progress of Pam Stahl’s fundraiser and saw that she was within $1,300 of her $7,000 goal. I felt inspired to help one tiny bit more. I threw all the names from my followers and recent commenters in the hat and drew two. The lucky winners of one ticket each are:

Jennifer Ross (Winter Owls)
Charlsey Holler (Nonnie’s Cedar Chest)

So that makes it an even dozen!!

I hope Pam reaches her goal today. I understand the draw is today and I’m sure the winner will be announced soon.

Be lucky, my friends (well, one of you, I guess! LOL) . . .


13 thoughts on “Surprise! (Final Quilt Ticket Give-away)

  1. I dare say none of us expect to win Linne, we are just incredibly grateful for your generosity and over the moon at your clever way of celebrating your blogging milestone 🙂

    • Well, Narf7, it was more fun than just buying tickets for myself . . . helped do some good, was a token “Thanks” to all those who take time to follow my meanderings through the multiple ‘blades of grass’ that compose my life . . . I was so in awe of Pam for following her guidance, too; often not an easy path. So, all good, all ’round!

    • I would SO love it if one of you DID win!! I think it would mean a ‘road trip’ one day, just so I could touch the miracle quilt!! 🙂

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