Hodge and Podge’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Laundromat

What a super idea! Something for me to think about next year! or for Christmas or . . . ~ Linne

Squirrel Picnic

Easter or not, Hodge and Podge still had to do their laundry yesterday. To make the chore a little more interesting, they decided to hide plastic eggs with quarters in them for their fellow laundry patrons to find.

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6 thoughts on “Hodge and Podge’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Laundromat

  1. What a great idea and most useful as I have been one of those “bugger! Not enough money to do the drying!” people in the distant past 😉

    • Yeah, me, too! and what a treat to find even a quarter. I used to leave my quarter in the trolley at the grocery store, too; so often I had to go inside, get change, go back out to get the cart . . . makes for crabbiness, I tell you! But, finding a cart with a quarter in it?? So cool!!

    • I thought it was such a good example of something anyone can do for others. What a great surprise it must have been for the people who found them!!

    • I’ve always loved ingenious ways of ‘paying it forward’, Cathi; it’s so inspiring to see how meaningful small acts can be, too. We don’t need to wait ’til we’re rich to help others, just creative . . .

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