FOs and Quilt Top Progress

I have been posting my progress on a Jelly Roll quilt top, all hand-sewn to date. Here’s where I am at today:

20130402-154321.jpg Two square patches, two medium patches and one long patch done! In the bottom right you can see the third medium patch, partly done!

I was going to make two long patches next, but first I need another Jelly Roll; I will get that later this week, when I go with my crafting friend to get the buttons to complete the pillow.

I will have to unearth another UFO to work on! Oh, I forgot!! I did that already!! See:

20130402-154904.jpg This is another of my ‘figure it out while making it’ projects! It’s a two-sided crochet (super easy, but will impress your friends!) pattern that a bus driver gave me after I admired the baby blanket she was making with it. If anyone wants it, I will share . . . it uses one colour on one side; another on the reverse. I have started a baby blanket of my own using this pattern; mine is white on one side and a lovely mauve/blue on the other. Love it!!


22 thoughts on “FOs and Quilt Top Progress

  1. 2 sided? Is there nothing that can’t be done in crochet?! And I thought it was daggy! (that means “square” in Australese by the way πŸ˜‰ ). What a fool I was! I haven’t been so bowled over in ages by what is possible with the humble crochet hook and to think, I have had a crochet hook in waiting by the P.C. all this time…it was trying to tell me something. By the way, I tried to reduce my RSS Feed read blog roll but have added about 10 blogs to my list since I met you ;). You are making my craft bones twitch πŸ˜‰

      • I tried! Honestly, I did!! For some reason, the iPhone stalled in the middle. I will try again in a few minutes, but if it doesn’t work then, it will have to wait for later. I have a friend coming to pick me up; she had a birthday in March and we are going for ‘breakfast’ at Cora’s to celebrate. She won’t see this before she arrives, so I can tell you that I found a lovely journal for her to write in! I didn’t take a photo before I wrapped it, but will try to get one later. She just texted that she is on her way, so the post will def have to wait. Sorry for the teaser . . .

      • ????????? Have a great day out Linne and enjoy every minute with your friend and her birthday outing :). Nothing like sharing breakfast with a good friend to make the rest of your day shine πŸ™‚

      • You bet!! We have so much in common and that’s NOT common for me, so it will be fun for sure. Almost a month since we saw each other, ‘though we do text.

      • Yup, no dearth of calories at Cora’s, but not in all things. She’s great for healthy, delicious food that feeds the eyes first!

      • Calories make the memories…no one ever remembered juice and dry water crackers… calories are the stuff that fond memories are made of! πŸ˜‰

      • So right!! Cora does a Belgian waffle with tropical fruits, yummy custard AND whipped cream . . . I may be good, though. My jeans are looser now and I’m planning on a new pair before summer.

        On the other hand, I only had a few cashews and sulTERNas for breakfast . . .

      • Well, I thought about it (several times, in fact!), then I saw they had a cute new dessert with the custard, fruit and cream, so i opted for an omelette with fruit and wedges with cheese, fried onions, etc. Of course, as usual, I was stuffed once done, so there went any thought of dessert . . . ;-(

        We had a great time catching up, though. And I got a picture of the photo album cover, which I may post another day.
        Thanks for the encouragement, though . . . I DO love that waffle . . .

  2. That is so cool! I am planning on learning to quilt while in South Africa, but I think the woman who’s teaching me does the modern sewing machine method. This looks amazing!

    • I plan to make some quilt tops by machine, Marla, as it’s faster. For now, handstitching gives me something to do when I am with my Aunty; easy, productive and doesn’t interfere with chatting. Most of my knitting and crocheting UFOs require attention to pattern, so not as good to do in company.

      Depending on things like intended use, artistic ideas, time available, there are several options. I haven’t yet made a quilt, but know how to hand-quilt. When I get to making ‘quilt tops’ for small kids or for a charity project, I will likely make comforters instead of quilts. Comforters can be pieced by hand or machine, like a quilt, but instead of quilting, they are ‘tied’, usually with yarn. My mother’s grandmother and mother made comforters for their family. Mum and my Aunties remember sitting on these on the floor, using small embroidery scissors to cut the ties. Then the yarn was pulled out and the filling removed. The top was washed and dried, then the filling put back in and the girls would help to tie each comforter again. A great way to both teach and amuse!

      A baby quilt is probably what I will begin with, so there is a chance of finishing . . . but I am thinking of making a pair of potholders first, partly for practising my actual quilting.

    • Thank you, Kriscinda! I wasn’t sure about the browns (not my favourite colours), but Jelly Rolls are designed so at least all the patterns co-ordinate. It looks better to me now I have more done.

      • You would have liked my last apartment, then! Walls, doors and woodwork all a paleish mocha and a ‘feature’ wall in the living room was chocolate . . . made everything I owned look hideous. πŸ˜‰ My sister in BC loved it, so I think it’s either generational or that I’m a bit weird . . .

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