Homemade Dish Soap!

Why I love Heavy Metal Homesteader! I never got around to looking into this, so thanks for doing it for me, Kriscinda. I will strive to follow the recipe . . . ;-P

18 thoughts on “Homemade Dish Soap!

  1. Teehee! Yes…stick to the recipe! We made it work, but I’ll be excited to see how it should have turned out in the first place after we’ve gone through this batch. =) He meant well!

  2. I get the feeling that after a couple of months my RSS Feed reader is going to be cram packed full again Linne ;). Cheers for a new blog to follow 😉

      • I’d seen the pic before, but couldn’t think who it was . . . Thanks!
        I love the early Pogues. There’s a 13 min segment on YouTube that I played a lot in my own place, and lits of other bits I like. One funny one is them doing ‘Irish Rover’ with the Dubliners (post Luke Kelly 😦 ); the older musicians trying to psych out the young ones; fun to watch.

      • Yeah, I love it! It was the second video I ever saw of them. The first was “If I Should Fall from Grace with God”. I hope that is uploaded again soon; it was great to watch AND listen to; I still see certain shots when I hear the song. Terry Woods on the cithern is outstanding!!

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