Work in progress. Manta Colorín

It’s all about the colour, my friends! I’m having a hard time NOT dragging out the hooks and yarns (but I’d rather buy MORE!) and starting in on some of these; and NO, I have not forgotten about the Granny Square bag!! I feel that this blog should have been called ‘Pandora’s Blog’; once you open it, there’s no going back . . .

Buscando Comienzos

De vuelta a los orígenes. Descansemos de bolsos y chales y hagamos una manta.

¿Recordáis los rosetones que quería incluir en La Manta de Mi Hija?

Pues vais a ver unos cuantos 🙂

rosetones mdmh

Nueva manta: Manta Colorín


Esta manta será muy variada. Tengo ganas de manta, muchas ganas y muchos colores, muchos grannies, rosetones, minigrannies…

 Ahora lo más importante era decidir qué color utilizaría para unir todos los motivos. Había dos opciones: negro o beige dorado. El dorado le daba un aire distinto a todo lo que he tejido hasta ahora pero el negro resaltaba sobremanera la variedad de colores, aunque fuese la opción más clásica (también estaba el blanco, pero para esta manta no) .

                                         ¿Negro?                          …

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14 thoughts on “Work in progress. Manta Colorín

  1. My words for the week… “Gobsmacked” and “Me Gusta” 🙂 See…who said that living online robbed you of educational experiences eh? 😉

    • 😉
      Am just off to visit my crafty friend, so you have an ‘uncluttered’ RSS reader ’til I get back later this evening!
      Let the good times roll!!

      • Are you going to post about it? Hopefully and again, hopefully my RSS feed reader might just get cleared out today (but I doubt it 😉 )

      • Its always good to post about a fun time that you just had, it is infectious and spreads around the blogosphere. With all of the negative stuff around it’s great to get a hit of happiness occasionally to redress the imbalance 🙂

    • And I’m here to keep that educational ball rolling . . . by sharing and by learning from all of you! I love ‘gobsmacked’ !

      Also love it when we move towards multilingualism; even though I am sadly deficient compared to some of my readers . . . Lo siento, mi Espanol es muy picquito!

  2. Scrumptious! I love that you get 3 things out of posts in another language…you get their different lien on crafting which is always a bonus, you get to learn how to use translate-a-ma-jigs AND the most important…you get to fall off your seat laughing at the translation. I am still trying to work out some of the last translation performed by the most esteemed Google Translate on a crocheted basket from this wonderful site and burst out laughing every time I read it ;). Better than a sitcom ANY day ;).

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