2:55 a.m. Friday 05 April:

I woke up and thought the light from outside was odd; parted tbe blinds and saw this:

20130405-030010.jpg I am NOT amused!! Oh, well . . .


9 thoughts on “2:55 a.m. Friday 05 April:

  1. Lovely cool 22C here in Tassie with blue skies that keep threatening to rain but are fending it off. We have Brunhilda on and a HUGE stockpot of soup bubbling away as I tap these words most contentedly. The dogs are happy, I am happy and all is well with the world in our little neck of the woods…I think it only fair that you guys get a little bit of warm weather from the powers that be 😉

  2. That figures. Yesterday here was 25 degrees, crystal blue skies and then a nice old chilly night of 5C. PERFECT autumnal weather for March but a little uncommon in April. I did wonder though if there would be that good old equal and opposite reaction to our warm weather and it seems there was. :o/

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