Thursday with my ‘crafty’ friend:

I took two large shopping bags to my friend’s; some was ‘show n tell’; some was supplies for crafting.

First we went to the fabric store for buttons. I found these:

20130405-032829.jpg and these:

20130405-032858.jpg and then the girl told me they were on at 1/2 price, so I also got these:

20130405-032938.jpg My friend noticed that the sign by the remnant bin said “Buy one, get three (of equal or lesser price) free!” So then I got these, too:

20130405-033529.jpg The green at the bottom was the most expensive (it’s silk!), so I paid for that and the large bundle (wool) at the top and the two cotton pieces were Gratis!! What a deal!!
I completely forgot that I have a rather large fabric stash already . . . after all, none of it is emerald silk! ;-P

Then I remembered that I needed more orange thread, ’cause I’ve been doing all that handsewing on the brown, blue and orange quilt pieces . . . so I bought:

20130405-034029.jpg Did I say I needed ‘orange’ thread? Yes I did! and I DO!! “and the others??” I hear you asking . . . well, it was the colours! My favourite thing ever!! Guess I have a lot more sewing ahead . . . at least I already have fabrics in those colours . . . πŸ˜‰

So . . . we took her grandbabies to the pet store as a treat; they were SO patient while I was being seduced by sale and sight! They weren’t feeling so well, though. A quick trip to admire fish, reptiles, chinchilla, birdies (cockatiels, too! Reminded me of my friends in kinder climes); then off home. By that time both were flushed and warm; my friend and I never got to craft at all; we sat around like this (me):

20130405-035103.jpg and this (my friend):

20130405-035201.jpg being ‘Nana-pillows’, as my friend says, for the rest of the day. Good thing I’m an old hand at eating with a child draped on me! So a fun day for me and by the time I went home, both wee ones were feeling better and tucked up for the night.

In case you are wondering about my plans for the ‘sheep’ buttons, I found this NFO (Nearly Finished Object) the other day:

20130405-040814.jpg that’s the back. This is the front:

20130405-041024.jpg This is a ‘shepherdess’ cardi from this Debbie Bliss’ book:

20130405-042314.jpg This is the ‘Bo-Peep’ sweater in white:

I made this sweater a few years ago and didn’t have buttons for it. That’s not why I didn’t finish it, though . . . this sweater is an object lesson: “Don’t use variegated yarn when knitting a pattern with intricate detail!” the yarn colours, while attractive, obscure the pattern that took me hours to knit! But it’s acrylic yarn, so good for a ‘wash n wear’ play cardi anyway. I plan to make another out of washable wool; next time, the yarn will be a single colour! I slso found that the acrylic is hard to block and the lower edges tend to curl a bit; I hope a wash or two fixes that, but I’m not holding my breath.


11 thoughts on “Thursday with my ‘crafty’ friend:

  1. What a great post. The bargains are awesome. I noticed the sheep buttons immediately and will use your advise re variegated yarn. Such sweet children and love the expression Nana-pillows!

    • They are great kids; the little boy is only three, but so polite and helpful! The girl is just one and a real darling. Neither of them is shy with strangers. Even sick, the little girl was happy to have me hold her (not always the case with a sick child, I’m sure you all know!). The younger, the better, as far as I’m concerned! Even sick!! πŸ™‚

      I love that ‘Nana-pillows’, too!!

  2. BARGAINS BARGAINS BARGAINS!!! Oops…sorry…I got carried away there ;). I LOVE bargains and “free” is my FAVOURITE WORD! Kudos to the max on the 3 for the price of 1 and the gorgeous buttons and the amazing craft work and for being a wonderful nana pillow and for sharing a photo of yourself with us so that when we post our comments we get to “see” you in our minds :). I feel like an onion in a petunia patch or the only black sheep in a flock of whities here at the moment with my distinct dearth of craft talent…that cardie is GORGEOUS! Whoever eventually gets it will adore it :).

  3. Lesson number 1: You can never have enough material. You just never know what project might present itself. Lesson number 2: A bargain is never to be missed, even if it is not the colour you were after, again, you never know what is coming along to sew. πŸ™‚ I love the buttons, of course. Fran has some waiting for me when I go to visit in August. I’m looking to my visit even more now πŸ˜€ It’s a shame you can’t see the stitches for the top, but it looks lovely anyway and the buttons will look a treat.

  4. Nanna pillow – what a lovely phrase. And lovely to see a picture of you too. πŸ™‚
    Those sheep buttons are so gorgeous and a lovely cardi for them too.
    Craft shops and fabric shops make me into a naughty naughty too. I just can’t resist buying things so I tend to limit myself. I NEED to buy about 50m of curtain material to sew curtains up for this house (the sooner the better) but I haven’t even got a place with which to sew at the moment. Our builder is coming today to put doors on our shed through which will make it a little more weatherproof and we can then start moving boxes of stuff out of here and clear out to the op shop, tip and shed and allow access to 3 more windows currently hiding behind doors and a whole wall. πŸ™‚ THEN I shall have space for stuff and I can at least house all my sewing stuff in 1 area and not 5. πŸ˜‰
    I hope you get a good crafting day in today.

    • Thanks, Rabid; 50m of fabric . . . Mmmmm!! πŸ™‚ Curtains are another thing I love; soft and homey, not the ‘factory’ look (to me LOL) of vert blinds. Just curious; what colours are in your kitchen and soon-to-be sewing room? Are you leaving them or planning to paint? I like to picture people as I read their stories. Was so great to see Ignisa (and Fran’s Brunhilda), plus Hermy and friends.

      • Our entire house is painted white. πŸ™‚ It is a shade but I can’t remember what it’s called and in effect, it’s white. y kitchen is a very pale mushroom/pink colour and the benchtops are white with speckles in the golds, browns, greys and of course, pink. When I say pink though it’s not a feminine girly pink at all, it really is subtle and neutral. πŸ™‚
        As for a sewing room, I can only dream! I will get a sewing area, hopefully one day a large cupboard with a built in sewing table and a lot of shelves for my stash but that will have to await fundage. In the meantime I have the fold out sewing table my dad made for my mum way back when which is wonderful and is a comfy home for my wonderful old semi-industrial Elna. πŸ™‚ And we have an old office cupboards set (like the ones where the printer lives etc) in which I have my stash unceremoniously jammed. πŸ˜‰
        When I get the boxes off the top I shall take a photo of the sewing area and there is a pic back in a post around October I would think with the brand spanking new kitchen installed.

    • You’ll be glad of a sewing room once winter sets in, I bet! I lived with high stacks of boxes in the apt. and often before that, so I can imagine what a relief it will be to move some to the shed . . .

  5. A girl after my own heart – all of those bargains! All of those projects just waiting to get done. So little time! Looks like you had a great day all the way around. ❀

    • Yes; my usual thing: I plan and the Universe has other plans for me . . .

      Am going back tomorrow to actually craft; the babies will be back home by then.

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