Easter Bread!

OK, I’m done whinging . . . you can come back now 🙂

When I was at my crafty friend’s on Thursday, she gave me a lovely loaf of Ukrainian Easter Bread, made by her soon-to-be daughter in law.

20130406-101909.jpg I’m having a slice plain with butter and another, toasted, along with my eggs and orange for brunch. Isn’t the bread lovely?? I’m going to see if she will share the recipe (and how she makes that lovely top!

I’m off again today, to my crafty friend’s (sans grandbabies) for some actual crafting and to catch up on each other’s lives. There may be a trip to the US dept. store in there first; I ‘need’ another brown/blue/orange Jelly Roll; I’m thinking seriously of making a few more patches for that quilt top!

Today, though, I expect to finish the Little Bo-Peep cardi and my two-faced pillow, since both of those only need buttons sewn on (right; the cardi may have yarn ends to weave in and the pillow needs some satin ‘rat-tail’ sewn along the edge to provide button-holes). So, another item to look for: green ‘rat-tail’ . . .

If I’m not out too late, I may feed your RSS feeders (hungry today, no doubt, with such a lack of posting from moi!)

I wish you all a happy day, filled with whatever makes you happy!


17 thoughts on “Easter Bread!

    • I think so, too! And the girl came over with my friends’ son today, so I got to thank her in person, then ask for the recipe and also find out how she made it. She said she divided the dough in two, rolled them into ropes, then twisted them together, wrapping them into a large coil. She used toothpicks to hold it together while the loaf baked, then removed them and brushed the loaf with egg (likely beaten with a bit of water and I’m not sure if it was only the white or the whole egg). There is a bit of lemon zest in the dough; just enough to give it a lovely flavour without being too bold. We both thought the loaf dried too quickly, though. Once I see the recipe, I will likely have a few ideas for keeping it moist longer. I will share once I have more information.

  1. Linne, enjoy your crafting without the interruption of small children (and be sure to blog about THAT part in detail so I can remember when…) and the chats and catch up that will undoubtedly happen over needles, threads and fabric.

    • Rabid, we did have fun and I will be posting either later from my iPhone or else tomorrow. It’s 11:30 pm now and I know Mum will want her computer soon. I have not been sleeping well (something to do with the fluctuating barometric pressure), so had best get to bed fairly soon or I will be even more tired tomorrow.

  2. Have a ball at your friends and I can’t wait to see the results :). I will be making a Greek honey and yoghurt (sub kefir for yoghurt) cake today as I overnighted the flour, sourdough starter and kefir to make it. Wish me luck as I am converting a regular recipe… I will be making home made organic soymilk today. Half for my morning cup of tea and half to attempt to use up my exponentially growing kefir grains. If they croak, so-be-it but I have enough kefir to experiment with AND set an entire cow udders worth of milk a day so something has to be done with it! ;). The rest of the day will be spent reading those stubborn last RSS Feed reads that keep congregating while I am sleeping or “doing” other things and hopefully by the end of the day, my RSS Feed Reader will be tamed, there will be gorgeousness personified in a Greek honey cake for Steve to carve up and I will have some delicious soy kefir on the go. I love it when a plan comes together! I also “Damned the man” today by waking up at 2.30am at the end of Daylight Savings, thus getting an extra hour for “Moi” to spend doing my thang unhindered. The dogs haven’t even gotten up yet and it’s 5am and I still have HEAPS of time to myself… bliss 🙂 Have a great Sunday Linne and enjoy yourself to the max. Can’t wait to get that bread recipe if your friends daughter in law will share that is 😉

    • You need to put that kefir to culture in your fridge. Slows it right down! 🙂
      I too got up early due to DLS ending but I have the company of a small (and incredibly windy) little purple pyjama clad daughter who’s constant “I’m hungry” is interrupting my morning quiet time. 😉

      • Funny that…I have my own brown and white equally windy little dog who is INSISTING it is time for his walk RIGHT NOW at 6am…sigh…the best laid plans and all eh? 😉 “I” might be perfectly ready for Daylight Savings to end but Earl is not! They will both be wanting their dinner at 2pm this arvo 😉

      • I’m with Earl; I think we should just stick with what works! Here in Canada, it’s a provincial thing. Saskatchewan does not have DST, so half the year they are on the same time as Alberta (to the west) and half the year they match up with Manitoba (to the east). What I find hard is the changing back and forth, more so in the spring than in the autumn. I would actually prefer that when the sun is at the mid-heaven, the time would be noon! Guess I’m just too retro for words . . .

      • Good to know about the kefir. I’m going to see if I can find some grains at what passes itself off as a ‘health food store’ in the mall tomorrow. I say that because they do carry supplements, some things like nutritional yeast, flaxseed and all, but no veggies or fruits or actual foods. And way too much in the way of body-building stuff and the like. I know it’s all economics, but I wish we were near to the store south of the river that carries FOOD! Oh, well . . . at least the grocery store has begun to stock more organic veg and fruit, and usually at prices I can afford (but not as cheap as the others yet).

        Amazing how children get up so early and are on ‘full speed ahead’ immediately, isn’t it? and it sounds like Fran’s dogs are pretty much the same . . . I miss it, and I don’t, if you know what I mean (you will, one day!); it’s nice to have the choice . . .

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