Hope for Reversing Climate Change

Some of you are interested in the reversing of desertification, so I thought I’d re-blog this for you. I’ve been reading about this subject for quite some time, but there is always more to learn . . . ~ Linne

35 thoughts on “Hope for Reversing Climate Change

    • I totally agree! One of my readers had already blogged about it and another has re-blogged from my site, so it’s spreading! I’d love to see this sort of thing go viral! Hope and action instead of fear and apathy . . . Glad I saw it on your blog. ~ Linne

  1. I just reblogged your post Linne…cheers for sharing how :). Hopefully this positive message and the hope that it entails will get out and infuse the world starting with my 4 dear constant readers and my 146 sleepers 😉

  2. Reblogged this on theroadtoserendipity and commented:
    After careful consideration, I decided to reblog this hope filled video. We ALL need a postive message for the future and when the media is cram packed full of negitivity these little rays of sunlight breaking through the black clouds can only be good for us 🙂 Enjoy… Cheers Linne for teaching me how to reblog! 😉

  3. Hope is always there…you might just have to dig for it. I choose to try to see something positive whenever I can because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s what has me planting out stone pines on Serendipity Farm as a prospective food crop… “Not in MY lifetime” but my children’s children may just harvest the benefits of our labour…same goes for our nut trees although hopefully we will still be here in 10 years time when the first nuts start to form! Hope is the one thing that keeps us all moving forwards. Without it we have nothing. I love the message that this video brings and we really DO need to share it. I might just break the habit of a blogtime and reblog it as well 🙂

    • Thanks for spreading the good news! There’s enough and plenty of the other . . . I’d love to see hope and other positive things go viral!!

      • So would I Linne…too many people get totally overwhelmed and end up doing nothing and thinking “why bother? There isn’t anything that humble little old me can do” but there is SO much that humble little old we can do and like a rock thrown into a pond, the ripples can cause a large wake on the other side. Cause and effect and physics (not that I know ANYTHING about physics aside from wherever Earl goes there is a force that works in the opposite direction at about 100km/hour 😉 )

      • Well, to abuse your analogy, let’s all continue to ROCK ON!! 😉 People often misunderstand what it means to ‘change the world’, don’t you think? Every act of ours changes the world; every thought and feeling. So we do well to keep that in mind, I’d say. And here we are . . .

      • Changing the world bit by bit :). I think positivity is so important as well, along with a creative spirit and mind that seeks to solve problems and turn them into solutions 🙂

      • Yes, it’s often the small changes that are overlooked, but end up being the most enduring. Especially changes in ourselves. It’s partly why I think of us as the ‘yeast beasties’ (a cookbook quote lol); a lonely job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Old sourdoughs can end up a sweet treat . . .

      • Thanks a lot! In ‘real’ life I have a reputation as a bit of a whiner; but that really covers up my Pollyanna heart and soul, for which I have been teased, lo these many aeons . . . I am an optimistic realist, which stumps many people. I can see what’s coming, but all that chaos is really just a bit of the big picture to me (kind of like labour; seems a big deal at the time, but soon forgotten . . .). In my opinion, we are here for a reason (or several) and it’s what we do with what we’re handed that ultimately counts the most. Especially since I believe we create, one way and another, what we’re handed. If we keep planting thistles, there’s no use complaining at harvest time, is there? I’m not even too concerned about rooting out the thistles; they, too, have their purposes. But I think if we want tomatoes, we’d best get on with figuring out which seeds are the tomato seeds and then put in the time to nurture those. The thistles will die of neglect. (well, sometimes we need to dig them out, too, right?)

      • Either that or something that LOVES thistles will discover them and sort them out. Life has a way of making everything balance after a while 🙂

  4. This video had me in tears the first time I watched it and applauding like a demented seal at my laptop. I was hard pressed not to stand and give it a standing ovation but then I wouldn’t have been able to see the screen. It’s been a long time since such hope has been shared, such an amazing journey with the lowest of lows (those poor blameless elephants) and then finishing on the highest of the highs. It’s so wonderful to see others sharing this video around.

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