New friends

For those of you into Zombies, and all that, here are a pair of sweet ?? little Zombie Bunnies . . . 😉 ~ Linne


The Zombie Bunny Brothers take a break from working in their corn fields by taking it in turn riding the cart. (the vehicles were made by some very clever friends of mine with wood originally from here!)

Suddenly! An unusual sight. Visitors along Zombie Lane.Cuty Bunny Sisters.
It is the Cutey Bunny Sisters.
Not only visitors but actual stopping to chat type visitorsHi!.




“I am Doe and this is my sister Tonic. We are heading for the Bunny Hop Music Jamboree and would like directions to the Golden Teapot.”




“Our Uncle runs that Inn” replies Frank, the eldest of the Zombie Bunny Brothers “we would be happy to give you directions.  Are you playing at the jamboree?”

Bye Guys





“We both play piano and we plan to join in the evening jam sessions”replied Tonic. “Do either of you guys play?”

“We both play saxophone” spoke up Earnest. “We aren’t that good”added Frank but we sound good in a…

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