Food Bloggers Against Hunger: A Recipe from my Grandmother

For my vegan friends and for anyone who’s against hunger . . . ~ Linne

5 thoughts on “Food Bloggers Against Hunger: A Recipe from my Grandmother

  1. An excellent share Linne 🙂 I love Annie to bits and she is an amazing cook (along with her bestie Somer 🙂 ). Turns out WE were poor when I was a kid but I didn’t know it till I was older. We lived on 100 acres out in the sticks and mum had to raise her own geese as my father didn’t give her money for housekeeping. We lived on fish caught from the inlet, wild rabbits, wild ducks and after mum got fed up of living with an alcoholic husband we moved into town and continued on (just as feral). I seriously can’t remember being poor and we always had fantastic meals. We might not have had much but we never ever went hungry and mum was a great cook. She worked in market gardens and brought home lots of fresh veggies as well as growing them along with my grandparents. I feel privilaged to have been raised by such industrious people and incredibly lucky to never have known hunger in any form. The situation is so unbalanced where rich first world nations have this sort of problem. I think this is an amazing cause and kudos for highlighting it :). By the way, take a look at this AMAZING link. Nothing to do with poverty or hunger and everything to do with an amazing craftsmans home

    • Last things first LOL:
      Thank you!! for that link. I still have their first book (Handmade Houses) that we (my then-husband and I) bought when it first came out! We loved everything about the concept and it was so encouraging to see what was being done! And now to see it continuing . . . 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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