this, that and the other

For those of you entering spring and getting into outdoor beautification (between bouts of planting and all); also for those of you entering autumn; once the harvest is over, you will not know what to do with yourselves, so here’s an interesting project for you to make your own . . . ~ Linne

Nice piece of work

The stepping stones have had their first layer of grout, and now that it’s dry they get one more layer and then a slick of sealer. (I know I was aiming for Finished Object Friday – but I didn’t say which Friday, did I?)


Alex’s knitting continues. She’s finished the rib and is on the stocking stitch rows, and this evening we’ll change colour. Excitement!


I’ve been making some beanies for Cupcake Mummy’s Pay it Forward idea. I pledged 5 but I’ve already nearly finished the fifth one and I’m enjoying them so much I should probably be able to get a couple more finished in time.


Just as well they can be all different sizes – all of these were done with the same size hook but I used different thicknesses of wool. The turquoise one would fit Conan the Barbarian!

I’ve also been busy with my cotton house…

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8 thoughts on “this, that and the other

  1. Lol! I can’t even finish reading my RSS Feed Reader blogs let alone start “doing” things ;). Kym just sent me a gorgeous crochet doily book and I am going to have to get started on learning how to make them. They are really beautiful. She is welcome to my inherited button box as a trade ;). I think I got the best deal 🙂

    • Can’t blame me for a stuffed RSS this time! 🙂
      Can you post a photo of the cover of that pattern book? Inquiring minds and all that . . . I love doilies, too; there are so many uses for them besides just having them around looking lovely (although I love it when they do that, too!). If you have a denim jacket, try stitching one in the centre of the back; that’ll get you noticed. You could embroider your blogaddress below . . . 😉

      I’m not sure who got the best deal; I suspect Kym thinks she did! I’m going to see if she will post a photo of the button box for me, too.

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