3 thoughts on “Project Bookmark: worth reading about . . .

  1. Cheers for the share Linne 🙂 Steve is rocking Led Zeppelins “Rock and Roll” plugged in and I can’t really think (my brain is vibrating! 😉 ). Open pride is somewhat overrated. Canada doesn’t need to flash its credentials, the “rest of the world” hold you in high esteem. Your people are seen worldwide as friendly, healthy and generous and your country is breathtakingly beautiful. No need to bookmark Canada, my 2 daughters already want to move there! 😉 (be careful what you wish for…it might come true…whatever you do DON’T sponsor them! 😉 )

    • I know what you mean, Fran, and in general agree with you. The national ‘pride’ that leads to war, for instance, I would live to see eradicated . . .

      I had two reasons for the re-blog:
      1) I promote Mr. Kay whenever possible. His books are used as texts in universities in other countries (N.Z. for one), but I rarely meet anyone here who has even heard of him, let alone read his incredible works.
      2) Project Bookmark is promoting recognition of storytellers and storytelling, both dear to my heart.

      Canada’s landscape is certainly amazingly beautiful (although being destroyed rapidly in many ways; another post 😦 ), but Canada has its share of idiots, etc. Still, I feel we have focused on practising our British ‘niceness’ without thinking if it is appropriate or not. I could say a lot more, but will share a couple of stories that sparked me quite a bit:

      I was in Washington, DC, in 1997, staying at the Hostel for a few days. As a group of us walked down to see Ford’s Theatre (where President Lincoln was shot), an American man, noticing I was Canadian, remarked that he didn’t see why we thought of ourselves as ‘different’ from Americans; that he thought it would make economic sense to amalgamate; he was very surprised when I replied that I agreed . . . and then I said, “Canada could use more provinces”. Speaking of ‘priceless’, the look on his face said it all! So since then, I ‘nicely’ refer to the “Future Province of Hawai’i”, the “Future Province of Oregon”, etc. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to make a point.

      A few months later (having won a trip ti Sedona, Arizona), I was on a day trip by bus from Sedona to see the Grand Canyon. I was the only Canadian. We passed some of the time singing; all American popular songs back to the ’40s and various national songs. The other ladies were surprised that I knew all the words and admitted they didn’t know “O Canada” and had never heard of “The Maple Leaf Forever”!

      Sometimes the relationship between the two countries feels like a 1950s marriage . . . and we are seen as ‘the wife’ . . . useful but not having a life of her own, or at least not one that matters.

      Ok, ’nuff said (climbs off soapbox). (gets back on) I do not promote national pride of the martial sort, but I DO want our artists to be acknowledged and recognized in the same way that I do artists of other countries. (climbs off again and stays put)

      Hope that helps . . .

    • ‘daughters’ you say? Hmmmmm
      wellll…….. nah, better to keep building my wee boat and stitching a sail that will land me up that river of yours . . . who says I can’t have it all? Oh yeah, that was ME! { ’cause I don’t want to dust it all . . . 🙂 }

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