Last Saturday at my Crafty Friends’

Well, it’s been a busy week, catching up with friends and family. I had a good day with my crafty friend. She and her husband picked me up and drove me to the larger of the US dept. outlets. I wanted another brown/blue/orange Jelly Roll so I could make more patches for the quilt. Alas, no Jelly Rolls! None! I finally picked out some Fat Quarters in colours that will work (a couple were the same fabrics I’ve been using). I also chose three short zippers and some iridescent ribbon that I haven’t seen since Lewiscraft. More about the zippers in a day or three . . .

While there, my friends saw that the flooring they were planning to use in their basement was on sale, so they bought nine packages. We had fun fitting them into the car! Especially since I had brought three large bags with me! I should have taken a picture.

Next was a trip to a Dollar Store; my friend was looking for ‘weeds’ to put in the hats of the dolls she’s been making (photos in a bit). No weeds, but I found . . . MORE buttons! Two packs, each with several colours (five or six); one pack holds the long bugle beads, the other round beads in the same colours.
I blame the colours . . . (I won’t mention the large bag of red buttons and another of purple! Can I blame Kym for that? No, I thought not!)

Finally, back to their house to unload the flooring and our other items. Now I had four bags!

Their son and his fiancee came over to borrow movies, so I thanked her for the Easter bread (and asked for the recipe). She will copy it out for me and once I have it, so will all of you! She told me how to create the lovely shape, too. 🙂

By the time the young folks left, it as getting on towards suppertime, so my friend made lasagna and garlic bread while I sorted through one of the button cylinders I bought on Thursday at the fabric store:

20130408-215420.jpg (the pink container) it took quite a while, but I did find six; four the same and two that had a different design, but were in the same colour:

20130408-215625.jpg They look orange in the picture, but are an attractive pink; deeper in shade than the baby pink of the sweater and with a nice glow to them. Remember the cute little sheep buttons? Well, they are much too big for the knitted-in buttonholes, so I suppose I will end up making that sweater again; next time from washable wool and in off-white. Here’s a picture of the sweater edge with yarn marking the button placement:

20130410-043901.jpg The buttons, all sewn on:

20130410-044023.jpg Knowing me well, my friend made me weave in all the yarn endings. She was SO pleased to see another of my UFOs finished! . . . then I mentioned that I wasn’t sure where the two little pockets have got to . . . and I haven’t yet made the wee sheep that go IN said pockets . . .

While I was working on the cardi, my Crafty Friend (CF) was working on a set of “Jed” dolls (she has “Jenny” dolls in the works, too, but not ready for their photo op yet). The Jeds needed shoes, so my CF had made some; on Saturday she was adding the eyelets so they would lace up:



20130410-051729.jpg A Jed, waiting for his boots to dry . . .

20130410-051837.jpg This Jed loves his new boots!


Once all the boots were done and donned, the Jeds were ready for a group photo:

20130410-052218.jpg Did you notice their cute socks?? (CF’s husband donated some of his for the cause)


One thing was still missing: the ‘weeds’! CF’s husband brought some real ones in from the snowy yard and CF sprayed them wirh varathane so they wouldn’t shed bits:

20130410-052804.jpg. She did this before starting on the boots; now the weeds were dry and ready to be glued onto each Jed’s hat:

20130410-053000.jpg it was late by then and I was packing up, so I don’t have a photo of Jed with the weeds. Next time . . .

We went out to the car to find this:

20130410-053225.jpg After scraping and brushing, I was taken home to find the vuew from our balcony was once again this:

20130410-053357.jpg well, that was next morning; the night shot was this:

20130410-053515.jpg Lovely to look at, isn’t it?

It was a day of fun, creativity, friendship and food, and I’m glad to finally share it with you!


7 thoughts on “Last Saturday at my Crafty Friends’

  1. Oh Linne you are such a tease with all those packets of lovely buttons! I’m left drooling and thinking how sad I can’t see inside 😦 So can I have a photo of those buttons out of the packets??? I know it’s sad but I would just love to see them, please… Your friend is indeed a crafty person. I love those little boots and would love a pair just to sit on the windowsill lol. The dolls are great, who are they for, some lucky children? or friends?? I will be travelling down to Perth soon (an 8 hour trip with 2 dogs and 1 cat), and I will be looking for some buttons. See the effect you have on me by teasing 🙂 Well that’s the story I’m telling my husband anyway ha ha. I’m also buying a new sewing machine!! Mine is over thirty years old now and just doesn’t cope with the quilting anymore. I’m so excited! I have been researching them on line and have made a list of the ones I’m interested in. I will post pictures on my blog when I get back, and some buttons too just to tease back 🙂

    • Kym, I’ll have to do a photo shoot when I’m back up at Mum’s! I’m a craft supply junkie and have others stashed in some of my boxes. If I come across them, I’ll share pics for sure. I’m sure others think it’s sad; I love it! The great thing about my virtual life is sharing my odd collection of interests with people who like the same things.

      My CF’s dolls often end up with her adult kids, none of whom craft. They don’t really appreciate the time and skill that goes into what she makes. It’s just ‘what Mum does’ . . . I started setting up an Etsy store some time ago and hope to share that with her and maybe another friend or two. I’m still figuring out what to do, though; handstitching is very time-intensive, so not really profitable for me.

      Will you be in Perth long? I used to take my big Scotch collie everywhere, but TWO dogs AND a cat? Sounds like they are good travellers!

      I’m already looking forward to photos from your trip. Especially the buttons LOL! and a new sewing machine!! I haven’t used my machine for quilting yet. Mine was older when I got it secondhand from a friend in the 80s, but still works fine. I am planning a couple of small doll quilts so I can try that out.

      Have lots of fun on your trip, Kym!

  2. It looks like you had a ball Linne 🙂 I LOVE Jed and his weedy hat! What a clever friend you have to make those gorgeous little shoes 🙂 more snow? You are starting to get greedy with all that snow girl! You might want to hand it over to the snow dearthed (is that a word?!) folks in the Southern Hemisphere who are waiting for rain, let alone snow ;). Send some to Rabid… I am SURE her hoppers would LERVE to race about and play in the snow 🙂

    • Isn’t Jed cute? I can hardly wait to see Jenny . . . It’s too bad all her Raggedy Ann dolls are gone already; I would love to have posted a photo of one of them. Their faces, like those of the Jeds, are all individual, which makes them even more precious.

      Miss Narf7, I’m trying to move most of that moisture south, and both you and Rabid are very welcome to it!, but for some reason there seems to be a lesson I have not yet mastered . . . I have discovered that my new boots, which I love and which are the first boots I’ve owned in decades (I’ve worn skateboarder shoes through all the winters here), are not waterproof! So now I have to buy a brush to get the mud off them, then some of that water-proofing spray (my crafty friend’s husband says that will work). So now I’m not looking forward to the rain, either. Good thing I’m not easily made grumpy, isn’t it?

      My CF is amazingly crafty. She is always making something or they are doing something for their house and yard. He knits and she crochets; you should see some of the gnomes he’s made, and socks, and . . . Amazing work!

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