Warning signs . . .

Is your RSS feeder hungry yet? Well, probably not . . . but I’ve been too busy to do much feeding. A few days ago Mum noticed that one of the kitchen lights was dim when turned on, then suddenly brightening. I thought maybe I hadn’t screwed the bulb in all the way when I replaced it last week. Then, two days ago, it didn’t come on at all (the other, on the same switch, worked fine). So I climbed up on the footstool, took down the globe and tried to remove the bulb. It wouldn’t budge! Very strange! And the socket was quite warm . . . I was concerned, so we put a bit of green painter’s tape over the switch to remind us not to use it and called the landlady. Her husband (as handy as my Dad was) came that evening. He managed to remove the bulb; the end looked like this:

20130411-083350.jpg . . . melted! And the wires above the socket had browned! Two things that scare me in a building are water (since my flood over a year ago) and fire. That was too close for my liking!! The landlord was great, as usual; now the fixture looks like this

20130411-083729.jpg until he finds the replacement parts.

I’m sharing all this so you will take it seriously if your lights (or anything electrical) start acting up. Don’t wait; check it out immediately! I assumed I had put the bulb in loosely; I might have left it another day or two before checking and we could have had a fire, so easily! Not only that, but from Tuesday on, I am sleeping at my Aunty’s for a week. If a fire had happened, Mum might not have realized it in time. We have a smoke detector, but it takes longer to get up and mobilized when one is 90!

All is well now, though, which is what counts. And I have taken this to heart.


5 thoughts on “Warning signs . . .

  1. It’s scary when something like that happens eh. I had a fire in my entrance hall that was caused by the insulation being blown over the downlight. We didn’t know the insulation had been put in over the lights as the previous owner had had it installed. We went out one night and left the hall light on, something we don’t usually do and when we got home and opened the front door smoke poured out the door! It gave us such a fright that we ran about doing all the wrong things, the only right thing we did was call the fire brigade. They said it was a common thing to happen. After that Bruce went up in the roof and cleared all the insulation from the downlights. Someone was looking after you Linne πŸ™‚

  2. Wow Linne, so glad you DID check when you did. We take electricity so much for granted I feel that we forget there are dangers and risks that come with it too. Much like candles or steam power, every energy source needs to be respected and probably electricity most of all. I am glad you have retained your respect for it and looked into things immediately. Hugs and again, glad you’re ok.

  3. A great lesson Linne and one that we will pay attention to closely. We get “brown outs” here quite a lot which results in our globes blowing much sooner than they should. Something to do with our local power grid needing to deliver more to the city and less to we “slickers” (so why aren’t we paying less for our electricity then eh?!) but we have all been sent out an electricity monitor that keeps an eye on our spikes and dips and if anything unusual happens it sets off an alarm and we are supposed to call an electrician. I guess it’s a good thing but my consipiracy theorum ruminating brain can’t help thinking that someone is doing something with all of that information that is being collected… πŸ˜‰ See you back soon…I wondered why you were so quiet lately! πŸ˜‰

    • Poor N7! Was your RSS feeder hungry? 500-odd blogs not enough fodder for that wonderful mind of yours?? πŸ˜‰
      Seriously, though, thanks! It’s nice to know you noticed the relative quiet. I was feeling a bit guilty. But after the near-fire episode, we had a painting estimator plus Mum’s landlady come to look at her ceilings, where there is water damage from the once-leaking roof. Painters always want everything removed from the room before they start, but there is no way unless we move into the hallway!! So I stayed out of that and Mum and the landlady stood together and I think all will be well. We’d rather they left it to do after Mum dies or moves, whatever comes first, but the condo board says ‘now or never’, so that’s that.
      Oh yeah, yesterday we had two people at my Aunty’s from 11am to after 2pm, to add digital boxes to each tv and hook up internet for my cousin. (wireless and he said I can use my laptop down there if I like, so I may do that soon, too. Faster than the stylus n iPhone, which is what I’m doing now πŸ˜‰ ). Anyway, a bit much commotion for my Aunty and today she was upset for a bit about the digital box on her dresser; luckily, by the end of the noon news we were back to normal.

      As to your electrical situation, I have a CTRbrain, too, LOL, and thought the same thoughts (is your tin hat leaking again??) . . .

      I’m glad to see the warning reached people; fire is no fun (unless you are filing with matches, which I offered to do at more than one office). Do you check your bulb bases after the brownouts, or do they not affect lightbulbs?

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