Afghan / Tunisian Stitch / Entrelac Cardi

I finally took a picture I promised to share a few posts back . . .

20130413-223913.jpg I bought the magazine to have this pattern! This boxy little cardi is much, MUCH easier than it looks! The pattern calls for one variegated yarn, which creates the stunning colour effects. This is made using an Afghan hook (for some inexplicable reason, this apparently no longer called Afghan Stitch, but Tunisian Stitch . . .

Using what looks like a very long crochet hook, stitches are ‘cast on’, then off, so the hook goes from holding a long line of stitches to holding only one stitch, and back again.

The Entrelac part means that the sections are worked in different directions, adding texture and subtle pattern to the work.

This is on my “to-make” list . . .


9 thoughts on “Afghan / Tunisian Stitch / Entrelac Cardi

    • It’s gorgeous, Karen, isn’t it? As to colours, now that I’ve gone and looked at the Daikeito Diadomina yarns again here:

      Well, what they used is #333, but while I like that a lot, I’m also drawn to #339; not as much contrast, though, which is whar makes the pattern, really. There are other yarns, of course. I’m torn between more conservative colours; greens, blues, purples . . . and vibrant contrasts; say, sage green in 3 intensities, plus watermelon red, pale turquoise, and a bit of gold ochre for contrast. I can think of many combinations I’d love, but will stop here. 🙂

  1. THAT’S WHAT MY GRAN SAID I CROCHET LIKE! Sorry for the capitals but that was a real brain explosion moment there! It wasn’t German, it was Afghan! ;). By the way…you couldn’t be coaxed to scan that gorgeousness to send to your penniless hippy friends in the Antipodes where lovely crochet patterns are just non existant could you? Please? Pretty Please? 😉 I LOVE that pattern. Its got narf7 written all over it and I could take my finished cardie out and stroke it under the cover of darkness where no native Tasmania could see me and KNOW that I was one of those freak tree hugging hippies that needed a good flensing 😉

    • You are brilliant! Mum is napping, so I will have to email you later with a proper explanation. I have too much to say on that to type it all on my iPhone.

      • Arrived…just waiting to get Steve to open them when he gets back from taking photos of fast cars just up the road (Targa Tasmania is today). I opened the cover page fine but can’t get the rest to open…

      • Thanks, Narf7. If they still won’t open, if Steve knows why, that will help. They are all JPEGs, if that helps. But all are at 300 pixels except for one at 200.
        Good luck with them. I didn’t have time to open them and test print. We’ll figure this out . . .

  2. I’m going to tackle Tunisian crochet one day. Right now I am knitting a vest, and as I am a slow knitter, it will be a while before I can crochet something. ❤

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