Found: a double-sided project!

While looking for a certain piece of fabric yesterday, I found something I’d mentioned in an earlier post:




This is the unfinished baby blanket made from the double-sided crochet pattern (remember the piece in sage greens?).

I’m still looking for the pattern and will post it as soon as I find it.

In the last two pictures, you can see how the back colour shows through . . .


7 thoughts on “Found: a double-sided project!

    • Stacy, a bus driver showed me her blanket made with this stitch and I was ‘hooked’ as they say (a bad crochet pun, but I’m not sorry!) I love it and have several UFOs in this pattern.

    • LOVE it, Narf7!! Another for the list . . .
      I checked out Homestead Weaver from her blog, too; another good resource!
      Thanks for sharing; the circle/sphere expands . . .

    • It IS pretty, isn’t it, Narf? It’s an easy shell pattern; you have to watch not to twist the chain when working the first row with colour A, then you drop A, leaving a long loop so it doesn’t pull out; next you join colour B and work teo rows; back to A for two rows, and so on.

      The fabric IS thicker; baby yarn makes a perfect crib or lap blanket; I used Paton’s Decor (partly wool, and washable); that calls for size 4.5 knitting needles or a size 5 hook. I always adjust for tension, though. If your work is loose, I’d go up a size and make a little ‘mug rug’ (coaster) for a sample. (these make cute gifts)

      • Now you have me thinking about a nice bright multi-coloured throw for my lap when I sit here at the PC. It’s not quite cold enough to fire Brunhilda up for the morning and not warm enough to not wear a jumper. I used to rely on a hot water bottle but my last one suffered a sad fate and departed the earth in a spurting mass of molten rubber :(. I guess the double sided rug might be a safer option? 😉

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