Yesterday . . . and Today

Yesterday the sun was warm, the wind cold and I took this from my Aunty’s balcony:

20130413-093557.jpg and this was this morning:

20130413-101618.jpg it blew right onto the balcony:

20130413-101918.jpg on the bright side, this was the view to downtown Edmonton a couple of days ago (looking south from my Mum’s balcony):

20130413-102220.jpg not much snow in sight, ’cause it was raining!! πŸ˜‰


24 thoughts on “Yesterday . . . and Today

  1. Rain is ALWAYS good :). We had a whole day of it yesterday and the garden was duly pleased. Pretty soon we can start work on our enormous fully enclosed veggie garden and my son who lives in another state with his Texan girlfriend has applied for a job here in Tasmania so I might be able to supply them, as well as my girls in town with fresh organic veggies :). Hopefully he gets the job as life here might be quieter and simpler than the large city that they live in at the moment BUT it is MUCH more fulfilling and they love to head out into the sticks and get down with nature :). I would be out there making as many snowmen as I could before I used up all that snow…I guess there are more ways to “get rid of snow” than you might initially think and 45 000 snowmen by “narf7” could be a solution (now WHERE am I going to find all of the hats, scarfs and carrots that I need?!!! “TO THE THRIFT SHOP!” πŸ˜‰ )

    • Hope your son gets that job! I would have liked raising organics for my two and assorted other family; I would have had to ship some, but that’s do-able by bus. Not from here, though; I’m over a thousand miles (1600 km?) from them now and the eldest, with wife and 5 young kids, lives on an island. Not to mention having no ground to grow on at present.

      I’d love to see 45,000 snowmen, esp by you!
      But SHAME!! (the thrift store??)

      I thought surely any self-respecting hippie would already have a few hundred tuques and scarves MADE!! from their own organic sheep’s wool, of course . . . ;-P

      We are setting records for cold here, but it’s just around freezing; cold for the date, is all. I only hope we get a decent amount of weather I can call spring before we segue right into +30C weather, giving me more to whinge about. πŸ˜‰

      • I am the same Linne…they are talking about our world weather morphing into 2 seasons rather than 4 and I think it’s just because they want to justify us paying them (the weather men) for their abject lack of ability to tell us what the weather is going to be! ;). Does it get to 30+C there? If so, you get it a lot colder than we do. The lowest we get here is about 0C and that’s at the deepest part of winter!

      • I can’t answer fully, ’cause I’m busy building my wee sailboat so one day you can look out at your river and wave at me (or run!! LOL). That sail will take a long time to weave; don’t pack up yet . . . πŸ˜‰

      • Try making a coracle…it will take less time…you probably won’t make it here as it would be the equivalent of half a walnut in your bathtub BUT it will be quicker to build πŸ˜‰
        and look! In this Mother Earth News version, you can even bring your cat (small fluffy dog, weasel, beaver, ferret, WHATEVER the heck that is on her lap! πŸ˜‰ )

      • Bet I’d get there . . . Maybe an adaptation; two coracles bound together, with a wee foot-powered propellor . . . Then it could turn turtle and still move forward . . .

        I like how you think!

      • Maybe 4 coracles…make that 5 and the one in the middle stays indepenant of the others so that they twirl around doing the actual manoeuvring, and the one in the middle is designed for stability and to stop you getting incredibly seasick in the ensuing rollercoaster ride! πŸ˜‰ might be best to work through that scenario IN your head rather than just hurl yourself (literally) in at the deep end and see if it will work. My gran had a saying for whenever we would ask her how something worked or if something would work “suck it and see” was her answer…don’t quite know if that would be the right analogy for this situation! πŸ˜‰

      • Did you say ‘rollercoaster’, Narf7??
        Hmmmmm . . . more you don’t know about me . . . when I was at a natural foods trade show in LA in the 90s, I stayed an extra day so I could go to Disneyland (yep, sans kinder); I rode all the ‘coasters I could (and Space Mountain twice {with over an hour in the lineup both times! I had a book πŸ˜‰ }; I hardly did anything else. And the last time I got to “K-Days” {Klondike Days; now called ‘Capital Ex’ (so evocative, eh? I think NOT!)}; anyway, as I was saying; I even had a ride on a thing with a huge ring of seats; it goes around, then turns on its side, then upside down; all the while rotating merrily along. The other riders were all teens and some twenties; and there was me, long grey hair every which way in the breeze . . . YES!! Oh, and one of my big dreams has always been to go on a 360 degree loop-the-loop ride, but haven’t managed that yet! I like the ‘Zipper’ too; my next oldest sister and I used to go on it and rock the car ’til it spun end-to-end . . .

        Thanks for the great memories!!

      • You just need to go with me . . . πŸ˜‰
        I will convert you . . .
        but bring your airplane baggie thing . . . ;-P

      • Loved your image of 5 coracles; great visual! Not sure about your Grandma’s advice, except if taken figuratively . . .

      • I think that’s a cat!! You have given me much to think about; I love the article! My then-husband and I owned all issues of TMEN up to copies printed somewhere in the 80s. I still like the early mag the best; from when the Shuttleworths owned it. Still has good info; just a bit slick for my tastes.

        I have no pets or livestock of any sort at present; will have to think about that . . .

      • I think that the small furry generic animal might be the secret to the ability of the coracle to stay afloat… remember, when a cat falls it tends to land on its feet… maybe the coracle manufacturer will ONLY admit liability if you don’t carry a small furry land creature with you at all times?

      • Yes, we always get at least a few days of +30C. Extremes of temp are physiologically healthier for us; keep our thermostats (body ones) stimulated and working right. Still, I am lazy and prefer the easier and more comfortable temperate climes. Also, I love a year-round (or nearly) growing season . . .

      • You gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. I HATE extremely hot weather but even though our summer was longer and in the end, hotter, than last year, I had lost some weight this year so it gave me a bit of a buffer against the heat…swings and roundabouts πŸ˜‰

      • πŸ˜‰
        Yeah, I know (sighs). It was easier when I could be outdoors most of the time. Remind me to share my ‘truck farm’ (tree fruits and veggies) sometime.

      • The coldest I’ve seen was about -40C; it hurts to breathe unless you put a heavy scarf over your mouth and nose . . . Soft fruit trees generally don’t grow here; another dislike.

      • The coldest I have seen was in the UK at about -5C and I thought THAT was cold! We have seen the shows on the telly about the Alaskan truck drivers that have to go over the snow and the temperatures are mind boggling…can’t get my head around those sort of extremes but then again, Mainland Australia just broke records this year for heat so I guess there are extremes all over the place, you just have to go looking for them (or you could just hide under the bed in air conditioned comfort with your fingers in your ears… might be a happy medium? πŸ˜‰

      • Under the bed sounds good, Narf7. But I don’t want to be a happy medium; someone is always trying to strike them . . .

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