MORE Double-Sided Crochet!

I honestly never thought I’d started so many things with this stitch! But here’s proof:



15 thoughts on “MORE Double-Sided Crochet!

  1. Sometimes one gets called “childish”just because one knows how to have fun. True maturity includes ( in my opinion) the ability to laugh and enjoy. I have had many situations I have handled well that prove I am mature but I still can have a good time and know how to have fun. I like the idea of the long johns and hilarious about smelling like an “old yak”.

  2. I like the idea that it is thicker (and thus automatically warmer in my mind) than normal crochet :). Cold weather certainly makes you appreciate wool doesn’t it! 😉

    • It’s definitely thicker AND warmer, Narf7! I think that for a vest, I’d use a baby weight wool. I like wool, but only use it for myself, as a rule. Not many people hand-wash anymore.

      • I recon one of those all in sets of underwear with a flap on the bottom might be my idea of suitable woollen accoutrements today Linne! BBRRRRRrrrrr! 😉

      • Ah yes, Narf7, red ‘long johns’!! With flares, no doubt . . . I can see you now LOL

        I know they’re not so practical for some kinds of work, but I LOVE long skirts/dresses . . . with petticoats . . . one of them from fine (thin) wool, if finances allowed (or I ever had time to weave the fabric ;-). Lamb’s wool, if I had a choice. All that and long johns, too! And in the summer, I like long cotton skirts/dresses and a fine cotton slip/petticoat. Good insulation from the sun, graceful . . . I have two long, full skirts given to me by a co-worker a few years back. One black, one a sort of khaki. I like jeans for housecleaning, most outdoor work and all, but otherwise it’s long skirts for me!!

        You may need one to keep you warm (and so your red long johns can peek enticingly below the hem . . . the flares will look like pantaloons, esp if you add a few ruffles. I can give you a tutorial, if you like . . . ;-P

      • NOW your talking! And stripes…bright coloured stripes in contrasting colours! I was once told that only children and people with intellectual disabilities were drawn inexplicably to bright colours. The elderly woman (who was trying to get me to veer away from the cobolt blue and vermillion red coupled with gold flecked glazes for some greenware pots I was contemplating at the time) who told me this delivered it with a most “knowing” look…er…I guess I am childish? ;). Love the flares idea…bright stripy longjohns with flares, a bum flap (and I may as well add another flap while I am at it, we women of a “certain age” certainly need to relieve themselves of their cups of tea more often 😉 ) and I might make it out of mohair because I am NEVER TAKING THEM OFF THIS WINTER! Who cares if I start to smell like an old Yak…my newfound fat reduced body has spoken and “I hear you sister!” 😉

      • You may have to knit your long johns!! oh, I’m laughing so hard! Thanks a lot!! I’ve heard that about people who love colour, too (and you know I’m in that group!!) I think your choice would be fantastic; hope you went ahead in spite of the colourism from that woman. I prefer to think we are ‘child-like’, not ‘childish’, which is a whole different ball of wax. (although I am childish at times, sad to say . . . ). Nope, you don’t need an extra flap; when you sit, the opening is large enough for anything you want to do. (If you are knitting your own, you may want to get some measurements first, though . . . ;-P ) I guess you know there was a time when people were sewn into their long johns in autumn and it wasn’t removed until spring? My sons’ dad raises yaks in BC; you may have to buy a couple for company and so you will have someone to share your bed if you keep on along that route . . . If you don’t want to knit your own, it’s possible to sew them from thrift shop (op shop to you) knitwear . . . just sayin’!!

      • You bet! or . . . get a couple of the real thing, brush ’em and all, spin your yarn (no, I KNOW you spin yarns here; I meant ‘wool’!!), and then you can knit your own longjohns AND a couple of highly decorative yaks!! Maybe the yaks will guard your knitting basket . . .

    • I will be posting the pattern once I locate it! Our heat was off today so I was dealing with clearing space for the landlord (and next the plumber) to access the baseboard heaters. Now to move some of that so I can make my bed . . .
      But the pattern is coming, for sure. I’ve had a lot of enquiries about it.

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