My favourite shawl

After our walk yesterday, my friend A came up to collect two hyacinth plants for her garden. I got them for Mum and my Aunty as a sign of spring (ha!!), but didn’t want to toss them now the flowers are gone. While she waz here, I remembered a request I’d had fof pictures of my favourite shawl being worn. So here they are:




20130421-130940.jpg in the last picture, you can see more of the macrame fringe detail.

This is my own design and is one-of-a-kind. It’s very warm and I have used it as an extra cover on a cold night or a lap blanket during a cold day. I especially love the mossy green colour! This yarn was a gift from my Crafty Friend and I am reminded of her whenever I wear it.


13 thoughts on “My favourite shawl

    • Thanks, Joanne! I really love it. It does wrap me up, too. I have to roll it at the neck a bit (very cuddly!) so it doesn’t trail on the ground. Court-heeled boots would work well for height.

    • Thanks, SFT. Nice to see you here. I’ll try and get to the challenges later today. If not, who knows? It’s my 8 days with my Aunty beginning tomorrow before lunch. I’m thinking of taking my laptop down with me to use in the early morning.

      Yes, the colour is one of my favourites; sort of a slightly greyed moss colour, close to the colour of my eyes. It is super soft, in spite of being of ‘unknown fibres’. 😉

    • Thanks, Stacy; crochet is actually pretty easy to ‘freeform’; lots of fun, too! As with cooking, I often ‘make it up as I go along’; sometimes it turns out well . . . 😉

  1. And right there you have given us the real reason why we create things…memories in textiles, putting ourselves into what we are doing and leaving bits of ourselves around for other people to delight in. I love this shawl and your cleverness to invent it :).

      • They wouldn’t have the time to “break” they would be too busy with their hands…there is a lot of truth to that old adage “idle hands make light work for the devil” isn’t there?

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