World Wide Commonalities

This is such a timely post! Note what happens when you do as suggested: “close your eyes and imagine a world where everything is utilitarian, political or for business”. Is that the world you would want to live in? Not me! Art and music are more than decorative and time-fillers; they are healing and inspirational, whether you create or contemplate the creations of others. I hope you do both!


It has been a really painful week for many people in the world. Boston and Texas really have suffered great pain and loss.Our prayers continue for the victims and the families and friends, not to mention the survivors. After surviving any traumatic event, from the events of this last week to the unseen wounds of war, healing can take a lot of time, perseverance and gutsHorrors seen and experienced can leave terribly deep wounds.

I found my husband dead of a heart attack, sitting in the study with his feet propped up on the desk and a cup of coffee next to him. He had been there all day while I had been at work at the American Red Cross and had gone grocery shopping. It was dark and I turned on the desk lamp and found him. The diagnosis was a massive heart attack…

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2 thoughts on “World Wide Commonalities

  1. If we only read the world with our head and we don’t take our heart, our soul, our spirits and our senses into consideration we lose the point of living in the first place. Pragmatism has it’s limits…give me a dose of wild and willful chaotic thought to temper pragmatism any day… balance in ALL things 🙂

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