Refreshing News: Meet the 28-Year-Old Grad Student Who Just Shook the Global Austerity Movement

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I thought this was worth reading. Let me know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Refreshing News: Meet the 28-Year-Old Grad Student Who Just Shook the Global Austerity Movement

  1. A bit like Bill Gates taking credit (and zillions) for other people’s (albeit shonky) work methinks? Whatever we think, there are benefits to living within your means and spending needs to be balanced out by the benefits that it is actually going to bring, NOT how many fatcat businesses it is going to support…all you have to do is see how much money the Australian tax payer has been feeding into Holden and how we got pretty much nothing in return and the company is STILL closing down factories and making Australian’s redundant while holding out their hands for more…sometimes you have to stop flogging a dead horse and let it die a noble death. This kid isn’t a genius, he found a flaw in the system and is riding it’s coat tails to glory…well…15 seconds of fame…if he can’t back this “find” up with anything else (preferably of his own work) he won’t even be remembered next week, let alone a year from now 😉

    • Well said! I thought this might provoke some responses . . . One thing that’s important to me is that we need to change our definition of ‘bottom line’ (no, not THAT one!) so that we have a triple bottom line; benefits to humanity; benefits to the planet; benefits to sustainablility. THEN we might get somewhere. We need to be accountable in more ways than just ‘did we make a profit?’ Similar stuff happens here, too; we bail out rich people and their companies, but heaven help the small person who actually works! We currently have a multi-millionaire who wants to build a huge hockey arena; he could fund it himself, but wants the city to underwrite it. This when we have some of the worst roads going (full of potholes) and cutbacks everywhere. Good think I believe in karma!

      We need more rebels; quiet people going their own way and spreading the word, don’t you think? More ‘yeastie beasties’ . . .

      And even if this kid isn’t remembered, maybe this will spark something . . . who knows??

      • Gotta say our government (state) is so poor they are in the process of legislating reducing speed limits by 10km per hour because they can’t afford to fix the roads BUT they can prop up an ailing timber industry to the tune of millions of dollars worth of taxpayers money when it is more than obvious that the future isn’t going to be in pulp (thank GOD or we would have a stinking pulp mill within a kilometer of our home!)

      • Same thing happens here, too. Wish I could say it didn’t . . . I have no idea why they won’t switch to hemp for paper, for instance, but by the time they see the light, it WILL be the train coming their way! And, yeah, you don’t want to live by a pulp mill, at least not the way we do it today. I did, when I was pregnant with my older son; we had one small window that opened and it faced the wind that blew past the mill. It was a very hot early summer, too (he was born end of May); we used to go out for the day until the air cooled down.

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