Day 4: A Color Review

See the cool challenge on Eskimimi’s blog (link is down below). Looks like a lot of fun and I’m going to have to try and make some time for this.

For the Knit of It


Morning! I think this will possibly be my favorite topic. Today’s subject is (drumroll) colour!

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2 thoughts on “Day 4: A Color Review

  1. Kudos on the colour coordination…we are too busy out wrestling nature to think about many colours at the moment but I am sure that at a later day (read “Mid Winter”) I might have a few more moments available to me to sit down and “read” again 😉

    • Ah, yes, Narf7, . . . I forget about the Autumn (down Under) and Spring (up Over??) wrestling . . .

      Wish I had time to take part; looks like a lot of fun! But I have a lot on my plate, too; if I had to join in the wrestling, either I’d have a very messy farm or I’d be collapsing from exhaustion 🙂

      If we remember, we could re-visit this in mid-winter. Great idea!!

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