6 thoughts on “Creamy Chik’n Soup with Sweet Potato Gnocchi & Kale

    • You’re welcome! You have great recipes; good for anyone. I am an omni, but I don’t eat much meat as a rule and I’m always happy to find new ideas and share them.

  1. Annie is an amazingly generous blogger whose food ALWAYS tastes gorgeous. I follow her blog and am taking part in her Virtual Vegan Potluck this year. I didn’t save this recipe because we can’t get the “chick’n” stuff that she talks about and I don’t use vegan meat subs now, I prefer whole foods that I can make myself (cheaper and better for you when you cut out the middle man methinks 😉 ) BUT notwithstanding, this is a fantastic recipe and knowing Annie, it would taste amazing. I did snarfle the recipe for the gnocchi though 😉

      • I would love the recipe Annie…truth be told we just don’t get the variety of good quality non animal choices that you guys get in the states and have to make do with trying to fudge our own and it’s often just easier to make do with what nature gives us ;).

    • I hadn’t realized that the virtual potluck was from Annie! What I like about Vegan and Vegetarian food is that it’s all good for us omnis, too 😉

      I’m with you on cutting out the middleman, too; they don’t tend to benefit creators or purchasers nearly so much as themselves, although the worker co-op I worked for for a few years was pretty good and very conscious, ecological, etc. But that’s worker co-ops for you . . .

      I’ve made noodles in the past, but somehow never tried gnocchi. One more for the list . . .

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