Secrets . . . and more . . .

I’ve been busy, like my readers, but I am NOT telling all! I’m slowly working on some ‘secret’ projects that won’t see the light of day for a while . . . I love secrets, don’t you?? Think of it as an exercise in building patience . . . πŸ˜‰ A hint: designing and handcrafting are involved πŸ˜‰ Have you guessed yet?

Besides those, though . . .

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a local plant nursery with my friend A, as she is already scouting for additions to her fabulous back garden. What I saw was this:

20130429-093005.jpg and this:

20130429-093029.jpg and this:

20130429-093051.jpg . . . SO tempting; all the kitties (I saw at keast three) and the dog (there may be more than one if them, too) are friendly and ysed to being made much of . . .

There were SO many enticing plants, which brought out a great deal of discussion as we walked, talking of the varieties available now, even in the old stand-bys, and of the favourites that bloomed in our mothers’ gardens when we were children. This caught my friend’s eye:

20130429-114811.jpg a succulent with a tiny dewdrop in its heart.

Outside were an assortment of statuary, among them this:

20130429-115019.jpg Quan Yin has long been a favourite of mine . . . and as we walked through that yard, I looked to my left and spotted an accidental ‘window’ framing a small Buddha . . .

20130429-115245.jpg and then there was this, so graceful . . .

20130429-142305.jpgThis puzzled us both, ’til friend A found a label that included the word ‘fountain’ . . . but it looked as though it might be a combination fountain and lantern. Next time I’m there, I’ll ask . . .


18 thoughts on “Secrets . . . and more . . .

  1. I have some gardening planned for this weekend and need to visit my nearby garden centre.I always seem to come home with more plants than I intended though…. πŸ™‚

  2. I love nurseries, plant browsing is one of my favourite things. The nursery I like the most has a gift shop attached and that is where their resident cat likes to snooze away the day, in the middle of the floor! Your nursery cats are slightly more camouflaged…

    • This nursery has a gift shop, too, and tbe cats and dogs wander where they like . . . I told my friend A that she needs to buy a 100 acre property and I would come help her shop for it . . . πŸ˜‰

  3. No, Linne, I haven’t guessed but that’s because you are multi-talented, so I find it difficult to narrow it down! I went to the nursery a few days ago, too. I was looking for a tallow tree, but they didn’t have any. 😦

      • They’re kind of considered a weed tree here in Louisiana – they grow everywhere profusely. However, I LOVE them because, unlike many trees here, they actually display an array of fall colors. They go from yellow to orange to bright red before their leaves fall for the season. ❀

      • We could use something like that here! Not much colour this far north; if the cold comes early and fast, sometimes the leaves stay green; just dry up and fall off; a sort of flash freezing, I guess.

        There’s a lot of colour back East; but in BC (my home province) a lot of golds and yellows in most of tbe lower half (never lived north of that when I was home). A bit more colour along tbe southern coast, but much of that comes from imported varieties, so far as I know.

  4. Looks like you would put a potted plant or a water bowl on it Linnie? Not sure but it would certainly make an elegant statement in a beautiful garden. In “our” garden, it would soon be overrun by weeds and spiders and you wouldn’t know where you put it in under a week! ;). Methinks penniless aging hippies are going to have to become more productive out in the garden than they choose to be if they want any sort of “elegant” garden at all! πŸ˜‰

    • We couldn’t tell if the water comes out the arm or the windows; it looked like out the end of the arm; if so, I think a candle or lightbulb in the lantern part would be lovely. Poor penniless hippies who don’t keep part of their garden cleared enough to be elegant may have to situate elegant garden statuary near the garden gate; perhaps at the edge of the elegant patio . . .

    • Me, too! There were at least three cats, but I missed getting a picture of one. There is a second-hand bookstore here that has a cat, too; I love petting it when I go there.

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