Raw Parmesan “Pita” Chips. And A Contest.

Not only raw parmesan ‘pita’ chips, but also mango sticky rice cake! Go ahead, expand your horizons..Remember, just ’cause it’s vegan doesn’t mean omnis can’t share the goodness! 😉 Thanks, Anne! ~ Linne

4 thoughts on “Raw Parmesan “Pita” Chips. And A Contest.

    • I use Linne, but will answer to Linnie (or Linen, thank you, spell-check!!).

      I re-blog some of your posts because there’s nothing like tasty AND healthy food! People have been brainwashed to think that only unhealthy food tastes good . . . lucky thing there is karma for all. I’m not too fond of that sort of marketing; I think it requires a degree of sociopathy . . . 😉

  1. Agreed Linnie, Annie makes gorgeous vegan food that you wouldn’t realise was vegan let alone good for you :). By the way, we Aussies LOVE to shorten everyones names by adding an “ie” or a “y”. We do it with everyone who has made it to “friend” or “familiar” territory 🙂

    • I think healthy food has to taste good, too. Especially when it’s competing with stuff that tastes good but is health-destroying.

      I love your “y”s and “ie”s . . . I figured that’s what they meant and am homoured to be included in the ‘gang’!

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