Spicy Fruit Loaves

For the omnis! and those who cook for them . . . you know who you are!
;-P ~ Linne



I rarely bake these days, not like when all the kids were home and I’d do 3 batches every few days. Up till a few months ago I would make a cake every Sunday for my husband’s lunches. we stopped that when we decided baking involved buying groceries we didn’t really need, and our diet was good without all the “extras”. However, while I, the chubby one have not lost a single ounce eating out of the garden my husband, the thin one, is losing weight. Ain’t that just typical!! So I decided today baking was in order.

This is a loaf I have been making for 30 years and hubby loves it. An elderley neighbour gave me the recipe when my kids were little. This makes 2 loaves however I just chuck it in a large cake tin. This is spicy, fruity, moist and lasts well. It’s nice cold…

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2 thoughts on “Spicy Fruit Loaves

  1. My Omni is going to love this loaf. He adores sticky date loaves, rich malt loaves and all things unctuous in a cake. It’s the U.K. bit that clings tenaciously to his brain you see. I don’t know what my excuse is for loving cakes/loaves like this 😉

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