The Word for Wednesday is . . .

. . . Decimate (well, actually, it’s not, but I’ll explain that later)

If you were told that your crops had been ‘decimated’, how would you feel? Devastated? or relieved?

I’d feel relieved. Does that surprise you? {and no, not because there would be so much less to weed, water and harvest . . . 😉 }

The wrong use of this word is a pet peeve of mine. ‘Decimate’ originated in Roman times and was a military term. To maintain order in the army (like many modern authorities, the Romans put order way before justice on its priority list), sometimes an unruly unit was lined up, every tenth man was selected, then the remaining 90% were ordered to kill them. So ‘decimate’ means to reduce by 10%.

But I checked my facts online and according to one source, my preference for linguistic accuracy makes me “picky”, I suppose because the term is so widely misused these days and there is a growing acceptance of inaccuracy. (I share it occasionally, but we won’t talk about that now) 🙂

So, I have changed my mind (but not without having my little rant first 😉

The Word for Wednesday is now: “Paronomasia”, one of my pet joys . . .

My battery is now at 20% and fading fast (’cause I fell asleep dozed off while typing, so I won’t go into the definition now.

I will say, though, that, like the glazier, I will be wearing gloves later today as I read your responses, so as not to feel the pane . . .


7 thoughts on “The Word for Wednesday is . . .

  1. Not exactly a pun but when Jas woke up with a croaky throat and little voice I told him he was a little hoarse and a little husky. He said “I’m not a horse or a dog. I’m Jasper”. It’s in the spirit of the thing at least.

    • I love your Jasper!! A boy after my own heart! I just went and shared that with my Mum, who taught me to love language and languaging. ~ Linne

  2. I went hunting (brain…too…slow…at…4am…) and found this…

    Spice…The final frontier. So much flavour! — Space, on the other hand, is mostly devoid of flavour and matter.

    It appealed to my inner geek 🙂

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