more garlands

Subversive Crochet; Lovely ideas! What more could you want?? ~ Linne


in between other things, i’ve been continuing to make garlands

it was fun experimenting with different colour combinations, such as rich blues

or mauve, soft grey and rose
garland - mauve, grey, pink - rita summers

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10 thoughts on “more garlands

    • You’re welcome! They are lovely (I ‘specially like the intense blue ones). I like to share some of the treasures I find. Am looking forward to following your projects.

  1. Lovely and fluffy wool :). I have a thing for fluffy things (thus Steve is allowed to keep his face hair with my blessing 😉 ). I am going to HAVE to crochet something soon! I found a pattern for some mens fingerless crocheted gloves and some slippers this morning so I am going to give them a go. Might post about them if they turn out…if they don’t you won’t hear a “dicky bird” as my grandad would say for keeping shtum in the face of oppression (or in my case pathetic workmanship that shouldn’t be shared for the sake of everyone concerned 😉 )

    • Makes Super-Steve look such a lamb . . . 🙂
      More co-incidence . . . I just this hour finished the first of a pair of the “Oma’s Slippers”!
      I made a small size so if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have wasted too much yarn/time . . . it’s not perfect (I made the sole and one row of the upper, then let it sit for a week or so, then couldn’t remember which direction I was working in . . . finally just started and kept going . . . I can see that after a few slippers, they will be quite cute!

      • Let me know how they go and where you got the pattern and if you think they would be easy enough for me to have a go at.

      • Easy-Peasy, as they say . . . I’ve emailed you more info, but the pattern is for sale on ETSY from mamachee; she allows sale of items made with her patterns, so def worth supporting.

        Make ’em with twine or hemp and they will be great for outdoors; you know; ‘run to the garden for parsley’ or whatever . . .

      • Or with plarn! Now you are talking! This little black duck is going to have to work out how to make them without dog tooth marks at regular intervals 😉

      • I forgot about plarn. Only recently heard of it . . .

        Tell Earl that some clans like to decorate clothing with teeth; I’m sure large dog teeth would work well . . . 😉

      • He is kindly doing it for me ;). He has very kindly offered to “decorate” your crafts as well…”the more the merrier” in Earl’s merry world 😉

      • I think Earl misunderstood: show him a buckskin dress with hundreds of elk tooth dangles . . . quit growling, Earl! Don’t make me come down there . . .

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