That ‘Crazy’ Quilt

I finally completed the nine patches for a quilt top! I’m not happy with the final, square, patch, as I couldn’t find enough of a co-ordinating colour to make it, and the store hasn’t had Jelly Rolls in stock for weeks. I finally used strips from a similar, but not matching, Roll. Oh, well . . . it will still keep someone warm . . .

20130504-075614.jpg Here is the final patch; see the dark square in the centre? When I was done, I felt it was TOO dark, so I unpicked the stitches and replaced it with a lighter block:

20130504-080920.jpg Better, right? And here’s all nine pieces laid out on the floor:

20130504-081407.jpg and from the other direction:

20130504-081553.jpg They won’t be assembled in that order. First I need to buy some plain brown cotton fabric for sashing (separating the pieces with strips of another colour). There will be three rows, each with a square, a medium length and a long piece, but not in the same order. I’m not sure when I’ll get the fabric; the finished top may not happen ’til June or later. But I’ll share pictures once it’s done.

And I may still change the outside row on that last square . . .


15 thoughts on “That ‘Crazy’ Quilt

    • You two crack me up! Believe me, this is not ‘fine work’ . . . the pictures must make it look better than it is . . .

      If I was using my machine, I could whip that up in a day; minimal cutting, mostly sewing. Remember the pillow? I bet either of you could make the two sides in an hour or so; maybe less . . .

      I’ve been planning an actual strip quilt, but the time doesn’t work for me just now. I’ll post pictures whrn I start it, though. That one will be yellow, grey and black. If it turns out ok, I have a pale greens, blues and white one in mind as well. AND I have the Jelly Rolls already!!

  1. Linne they look great! I can’t wait to see them with their sashing and all together. I like the last one you made, definitely better with the lighter square. I was told to get one of those peep holes you put in a door and stand on a chair, then look through it at your pieces to see if they balance. It does work. Standing on a chair is the tricky bit lol. Using a camera also helps. Good luck with it, I don’t think I can wait until June though, any chance of you doing it earlier, say next week 🙂

    • Haven’t heard of using a peep hile, Kym; thanks. I HAVE used a pair of cardboard ‘L’s (the ones artists use) and they work. No chair standing for me, I think . . . I’d rather use a quilter’s wall (or whatever they call it); where you stick the piece/s on the wall, then stand back and look at it. Handy for moving squares around ’til you like the arrangement, too.

      As to next week: hahahahahahaha…..
      Maybe; if I win the lotto . . . next thing is getting my income tax done; then things will even out a bit and I can look at ways to supplement my income.

      No big deal; I’m just beginning to learn what I should have mastered years ago . . . but in those days, I didn’t expect the world to be still goin’ around by now. I should have had a Plan B . . .

      I DO have a huge stash of fabrics, but nothing suitable for the patches. Funny how that happens . . .

      • As I keep telling my husband, you can never have a big enough stash! I am always looking for pieces of interesting material that just might go with this or that… 🙂

      • never mind the fabrics with interesting texture / colour / pattern / ??? . . . artistic people know no boundaries, which is as it should be . . . 😉

      • “peep hOLe” Darn stylus!! Not to mention my eye . . . Oh, well, hope you knew what I meant 😉

  2. So much dedication and hard work goes into making quilts. I admire each and every one of you crafty people who create them and it’s no wonder they cost a small fortune when they go up for sale. I, myself, haven’t got the patience to craft something so meticulous. I would end up having a temper tantrum at some pulled thread (“EARL!”) or something that missmatched and would likely hurl it into the Tamar River…best I stick to simple crochet. That way Earl can save me from the machinations of my mind when I produce something substandard (by eating it BEFORE I finish it and saving me the angst 😉 )

    • Narf7, I’m laughing at the idea of ME being meticulous . . . the patches have been pick-up work; something to do during long periods of ‘visiting’. Once you have your sewing machine (yes, I eavesdrop on your conversations!), I can ‘show’ you an easy way to make quilt tops that look good. And YES you CAN!!!

      Poor Earl . . . obviously starved for attention . . . 😉

      • Starved for wool…wood…plastic (there is one of his “deposits” in the shrubs on the side of the road from about 6 months ago that contains most of a pool noodle thus it has a half life 😉 )…anything really. You would think that a dog that would consume plastic milk bottles (lid and all), cardboard rolls, entire pool noodles (wait… he has a 1/2 foot length of it left…saving it…) would guzzle his food down without a care wouldn’t you? NOPE. Earl is very fastidious about what goes into his mouth when it comes to food. He is very fussy and gently takes whatever you are offering him. Puts it down on the floor. He then pokes it with his nose for a bit to make sure it is dead. If he is suspicious that it is playing possum he picks it up and shakes it a bit to make sure…he then licks it and if it meets with his approval he will give it a go. He does this with just about everything aside from fresh raw beef and raw bones. Even treats! Bezial on the other hand would guzzle anything so long as it smelled vaguely food like 😉 (might be the teeny bit of Labrador in him…Earl is 100% American Staffy)

      • I’ve never known a dog that would eat that sort of thing . . . pool noodles??? What a character! I’ve never met a Staffy, though . . . you must spend half your time alternating between laughter and (frustration, indignation, ?????)

        I don’t get the ‘eats anything, but cautious with food’ bit; but that’s what makes having a dog so rewarding; infinite source of things to think about 🙂

    • Thanks, Stacy; I find it a bit busy and the browns aren’t my first choice of colour, but I think it will look less busy once the sashing is added. It’s been fun to work on, though, and I like to have something simple to do when I’m sitting for long periods.

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