The grass on the other side . . .

. . . of the balcony railing 😉

Remember last weekend when I was whinging on about this?

20130505-105121.jpg Here it is, as of yesterday . . .

20130505-105205.jpg . . . and as of this morning, it’s even MORE green!! So I am happy!

Hope the precip I’ve been pushing south (Go South, young snowflake, go South!) is finally arriving . . .

Have a great weekend, everyone!


10 thoughts on “The grass on the other side . . .

    • I am, now that that initial blast of +30C has cooled a bit . . . I’m always delighted to think of the contrasts between our worlds . . . reading of people’s gardens and harvests took me away from the barrenness of seven months of white . . .

  1. Yes, I believe we too shall see an icy winter. I awoke tot he sound of your snow melting over our house this morning in the form of some half decent precipitation. I am hoping it continues. A lot!

    • Careful what you wish for . . . some provinces here on the prairies now have lots of flooding! But I do wish you enough precipitation to keep you and your plantings happy. I do love the sound of rain on the roof; especially when I can have the windows open to hear it better . . . in the country, with a wood stove, we always had a window or door (or several) open. I miss that; at -30C you don’t leave anything open at all . . . enjoy it for me!

      We went from the snow last week to +30C today; so when exactly was spring?? This is NOT how I like my weather, even if it IS good for me! Now I want to lie on the floor like a two-year-old and kick my heels and whinge . . . but I won’t 😉

      This, too, shall pass . . . and maybe we’ll get a lovely huge thunderstorm . . . ~ Linne

    • I am, from the windows so far . . . nowhere near to be outdoors that I enjoy. But in two weeks I’ll be at my friend A’s, helping with yardwork and enjoying lunch . . .

  2. Tasmania heard it loud and clear. We look like getting the coldest winter on record! You can stop sending the snow now linnie…we got the message 😉

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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