The Honey Bees Arrive At The Farm! The Sunday Farm Update

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Old World Garden Farms

The dream of having our own bee hive at the farm – and of course our own  honey, finally became a reality this past week!  On Friday, we received our package of bees and within a few hours – Mary and I officially became “beekeepers”.

All in all, it was a fairly smooth process – taking only about 15 minutes to open the package, remove the queen and bees and place them into the hive.  We had both went over the process of hiving the packaged bees a hundred times in our head – but that doesn’t mean we weren’t a little nervous heading to the farm with about 8,000 bees in a box in the trunk!

Knowing that calm is a good thing when working with bees – we did our best to stay relaxed (or at least a good fake job 🙂 ). We put on the bee…

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4 thoughts on “The Honey Bees Arrive At The Farm! The Sunday Farm Update

  1. Great news that Europe apparently loves bees too…banning pesticides that kill them is a great way to encourage them to stay in the land of the living don’t you think? Maybe the U.S. could see their way clear to follow suit?

    • I hope so; and Canada, too! People don’t seem to realize the crucial roles played by bees and other insects. I hope we change things in time . . .

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