Trousseau Shawl

This is the most gorgeous shawl! If winter is upon you, get knitting! If winter is a few months off still, get going anyway! You’ll be too busy in the garden to get much done during the day . . . I have several shawls in various stages of incompletion, but now I’m thinking seriously of starting another (this one!) . . . good thing I don’t have any lace-weight yarn in my stash! Unless . . . maybe that black Butterfly . . . hmmmmmm ~ Linne


Hello Readers, after knitting my first lace shawl a few weeks ago I’ve been using my evening before bed time to knit a new lace shawl. This time I used a hand dye lace weight yarn called ‘Queen of Denmark’ from London’s IKnit. The yarn has some lighter blue shades all over and is extremely soft. IKnit is near Waterloo station and they have a good selection of hand dye wool and silk yarns (yummy!). The pattern is ‘Trousseau‘ from Carol Feller and it’s designed for beginner. I knitted the large version.

The knitting was straight forward and the pattern instruction is very clear. The design is mainly chart based with a garter stitch edge. I learned to make a garter stitch tab at the beginning.

The shawl took about 1 week’s evening TV time to finish and here’s the shawl before blocking looking scrunched up and…

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5 thoughts on “Trousseau Shawl

  1. This shawl is gorgeousness in yarn Linnie :). Just think…if you start now, you might have it wrapped deliciously around your shoulders by next winter :). I am too tired at night time to do anything. After getting up at 2am this morning (after the dogs FINALLY got off the bed and let Steve and I assume our rightful positions at the head of the bed…) I doubt I will be still awake at 7pm tonight, let alone functioning and able to produce legible crafts ;).

    • You’re likely in bed by now, but I have to tell you: I have started ANOTHER shawl (no, not the one in the re-blog; that one deserves some special yarn!); this one I’m making up as I go along and I’m using three balls of variegated that I picked up at the dept store I refuse to name 😉 One of those skeins you will see in the post about the finished Oma slippers (you are rubbing off on me, friend Narf; I’m talking about a post I began last night but it’s still in draft mode . . . I am a Bad Blogger . . .

      Anyway, later on I’ll post photos of the new WIP and the lively materials (lovely in colour, not so much the texture; it’s a bit rough; but that means I’m more likely to actually wear it . . . )

      • I saw another gorgeous shawl on that Italian blog you got me into. Can’t make head nor tail of the words BUT who cares! That shawl is incredible :). Winter is starting to make me lust after shawls and blankies and slippers and ugg boots and even Earl snuggling up to me…it’s “Canada Cold” here of late 🙂 Can’t say I am to complaining about it mode yet though, it’s still a glorious luxury not to be sweating our bollocks off 🙂

      • I know what you mean! Shawls are SO comforting and snuggly and, I don’t know . . . I guess it’s also the tradition, too; for me, anyway.

        It’s kind of nice when the weather first changes, isn’t it? Before we’ve had months of sweating or wearing innumerable layers or whatever it is that just goes on and on . . . I wouldn’t want it all the same all the time (‘though in the midst of seven months of winter here, I DO think of my one trip to Costa Rica and how lovely it was to be comfortable almost all the time; to have no windows so the air (and the birds) just flowed through . . .

        I think once I lived on the coast for a few years I adapted to a temperate climate; I do like a bit of snow, but not ice, and not snow for months . . .

        I love spring and autumn; wearing a light sweater or jacket; going in and out without thought. Now, already, I find myself hoping for a good rainstorm to settle the dust and freshen things up. Maybe I’m just never satisfied . . .

  2. I have now purchased the pattern for this shawl . . . I love the way the diagonals alternate directions! Not sure when I’ll begin it; first I have to find some yarn (yes, I know I have bags full in the closet and boxes more in the storage, but I need the ‘right’ yarn! Any handcrafter will understand, I’m sure . . . ~ Linne

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