Garment Design Textbook – Straight Leg Trousers

An architect who sews! If you are planning on making a pair of lovely straight-legged pants, you will want to read this! ~ Linne


Hi Readers, I’m glad to report that my first wearable mock-up trousers is made and worn to the park yesterday. This is a self-draft pattern based on Bunka Fashion College’s Garment Design Textbook – Skirts and Pants. I drafted the straight leg style. The book describes the style as follow:

“This is a silhouette with a rather wide hem, appearing straight from the hipline to the hem. Because they follow the lines of the body from the waist to the hips, and then have some room for movement from the thigh to the knee, straight pants have a beautiful silhouette when viewed from the side… Because straight pants have plenty of overall volumes, use fabric such as light-weight wools that conform themselves to the contours of the body and drape well, producing clean-lines that will move beautifully when worn…”

The fabric is a cheap linen cotton mix which cost about…

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2 thoughts on “Garment Design Textbook – Straight Leg Trousers

    • Sending you calm and laid-back waves of energy 😉

      Try it like this: one day – cut out pieces (take one day per piece if needed) 😉

      Another day – pin together. Drink something calming.

      Wait a week or two.

      Sew ONE seam. Take Earl for an extra-ling walk.

      Repeat thd last two as needed.

      Someday – do one finishing detail. Follow with a long dog walk AND a calming drink (no, not in the pub! Really!!)

      Repeat until done.

      Wear pants with pride!! ;-P

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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