Rainy-Day Crafts for Children

Whether you are expecting lovely spring rains or lovely autumn rains, you may find yourself with children indoors for the day (or, perhaps, adults!)

I found this today, on The Pioneer Woman blog:


There are some cute and easy crafts here. As the writer suggests, you may want to stockpile supplies and then bring them out the next day you are all housebound . . .

I especially loved the owls! and the melted crayon art. and the homemade water colour paints. and the suggestion for homemade stamps for card-making and other activities. and . . .  😉  I hope you enjoy these!  ~ Linne


8 thoughts on “Rainy-Day Crafts for Children

  1. Those craft projects remind me of the days when my children were young and we always had a house full of children’s craft supples. Fun days. 🙂

    • That’s what I liked about them, too. I still like to keep supplies around; you never know . . . Mum had an eight year old great-grand-daughter here for a couple of hours the other evening; a surprise visit. The craft supplies were ready, but they ended up playing games on Mum’s computer . . .

      • I know! So unexpected, isn’t it? Remember drawing with crayons or putting crayon shavings between sheets of waxed paper, then ironing to form a picture? Makes me want to go play . . .

  2. No children (unless you count Steve 😉 ) so I don’t have to worry about kiddie crafts BUT hopefully your readers with hoppers will get something out of this 🙂

    • Oh, I count SS!!
      Some of tbese would be fun for us kids in large size bodies, though . . . heart stamps, melted crayon art, even the koi ‘flags’ . . .

  3. Good ideas! I used crafting to entertain and teach my daughter when she was little. She still loves crafting – I think it’s a good tradition and keeps one on a even keel all through one’s life. ❤

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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