Santiago’s Shawl o El viaje de una madeja

Is it possible to have too many shawls? I don’t think so . . . here’s another lovely one! ~ Linne

Buscando Comienzos

Viaje de una madeja. Valencia-Santiago de Compostela-Valencia

Malabrigo socks color “Piedras”. ¿CaSualidad o cauSalidad?

Santiago de Compostela. Invierno. Santiago’s Shawl


Valencia. Primavera. Santiago’s Shawl

Santiago' s Shawl Valencia

Regresaré. Queda mucho Camino por hacer 🙂

Regreso a Santiago

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6 thoughts on “Santiago’s Shawl o El viaje de una madeja

    • 🙂 In various places, I have three cotton shawls, one mohair, two or three of Decor yarn ( part wool, part acrylic) and at least two more . . . not counting what I began today . . .

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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