The latest shawl; just begun . . .

The new UFO (UnFinished Object):

20130508-052120.jpg I began by making a rectangle (the centre bit on the left), then working out from the ends. The rectangle will lie behind the neck and the ‘arms’ come forward over the shoulders. I may add a collar later. For now, I will work outward from this shape.

I have three skeins of variegated yarn:

20130508-053142.jpg Like Narf7 who is on, I love freeforming! So I am making a granny square with the darkest yarn, to be incorporated somewhere in the shawl:

20130508-095247.jpg Now, on Thursday afternoon, the square has grown a LOT! But no photo, sorry. Maybe later . . .


17 thoughts on “The latest shawl; just begun . . .

  1. I am not doing ANYTHING except panicking about getting a tonne of Photoshop study work assessments in for a reprobated lecturer who drags his feet handing out assessments and then expects them all due in in 2 weeks…sigh…I NEED to get out into my garden. I have leeks, cos lettuce (well I HAD cos lettuce seedlings till the chooks found them yesterday 😦 ), regular lettuce, silverbeet and parsley seedlings to get into my veggie garden beds and a friend gave me half a kilo of seed garlic yesterday and told me to plant them. I also have to get my broad beans into the ground and haven’t even pulled out the summer veggies yet! EEK! We also have to get started on hole digging for our big veggie garden (that will be created around the outside of our smaller one so I can keep gardening in the process)…we DID unload a trailer load of wood and I DID rake up all of the bark and wood chips and make it a bit tidier outside in between pulling out our hair studying…does that count? I feel so far behind the 8 ball!

    • I hate ‘teachers’ like that; their inefficiency becomes your pressure . . .

      You DO know that chooks are just recycled veg, right? You may want to remind them . . . 🙂

      You got a LOT done! Probably feels like less ’cause there’s more waiting . . . You’ll get there; autumn or spring . . .

  2. It’s lovely – can’t wait to see the finished product. I’m working on a sweater (knit) for my daughter’s fiance. I’m trying to decide if I’ll include a design or just leave it plain stockinette stitch. You know men – they don’t like a lot of embellishment, so I think maybe he’ll wear it more often if it’s plain…..:)

    • Depends on the man, I think. One day I’ll post a couple of photos of the Cowichan sweater that I designed for my sons’ step-dad; I wish I had a few more of them; every bit was symbolic, specifically to him. He’s an artist and he wanted tan, brown and white, so that’s what I made, but I’d like to hand-dye some white Buffalo wool (actually, I don’t think it’s produced anymore; I may have to source some similar unspun yarn) and make myself one with my own designs on it.
      One day . . .

    • I’d forgotten you weave! I only have a table loom, now on loan to a good friend’s husband, who wants to learn. Mum had several floor looms; I think she still has two of them, plus a table loom exactly like mine, but on a stand so you can use treadles instead of the finger levers. Faster and easier on the hands! I haven’t done any weaving since we moved out of the house four years ago, but did a bunch then and really like it. It’s one of the reasons I still have bags of Decor; I have plans for it, if I ever get the chance to weave it up.

      I love colour, too! I’m sure you guessed . . . Did you see the melted crayon art in the post about rainy day kids’ crafts? It was interesting, but I started thinking of all the ways the technique could be used for more serious work . . .

      Could you post a photo of the crayola series?? I would love to see it. I’ll try to keep the drooling down . . .

    • Oh, I’ve been hooking right along . . . will have to post another photo, I see 🙂 it’s not quite 5:00 am yet and still dark out . . . just a hint of lightening up starting out there.

  3. I haven’t worked with variegated yarn for so many years, come to think about it, since back in the 1970’s!! But only yesterday I went out and bought some beautiful soft variegated yarn, 70% wool and 30% bamboo, for my next project. I will be adding a post about my latest craft projects, probably next week. I love to see your creations Linne, you are very talented. 🙂

    • How exciting, Joanne! I bet that yarn feels fabulous!! Hope you post a close-up of it . . . Thanks for the compliment; but I’m not ‘specially talented; I just grew up when adults, in our extended family at least, made things themselves; practical AND decorative. So I’ve had years to experiment, practise, learn. Hope I have lots more, too; I’m not finished yet . . . and have the stashes and UFOs to prove it 😉

  4. I’m also working in variegated yarn – a jumper for Allegra. I love variegated yarns as it means a much quicker work up as the pattern is done for you. No need for fancy stitches. 😉 That’s a good thing when it’s cold and your daughter needs her jumper. 🙂

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