Done! Oma Slippers!

Started on Saturday, Finished on Monday (and all ends tucked in) 😉 Here’s how they looked on Sunday night:


20130506-215416.jpg The yarn is cheap acrylic, used double-stranded. The slippers feel a bit stiff (my tension, perhaps) and seem quite sturdy.

And here they are, finished!!, on Monday night:

20130509-131701.jpg (bottoms up) and

20130509-131732.jpg (topsides up)

You can see that the left one is a bit larger; I should have made them the same day, not a couple of days apart . . . my tension altered a bit. This is why, when I knit, I like to do both sweater fronts, or both sleeves, at the same time. Anything with two identical pieces, really.


8 thoughts on “Done! Oma Slippers!

  1. I have a wooden darning “egg” :). Not that it is ever going to be used for darning mind you ;). I am going to give these gorgeous little babies a go now after 2 of you have made them. That’s enough testing for me! I dare say my left will be 2 sizes bigger than my right and Earl will have at least sucked on them once or twice by the time I finish them. I haven’t had 5 minutes breathing space this week and didn’t even look at my RSS Feed Reader yesterday (that’s why I have 402 blog posts to read!) so I am behind the 8 ball in SO many things and it only looks like getting busier…oh well…I am not bored! 😉

    • Looking forward to seeing your slippers; matching or not . . .

      I haven’t gotten to most of my Reader for two days; if Mum is lying down, I don’t have access to the computer (ditto if she’s using it!) But I was busy over three days with laundry and groceries, too.

      So I hear you . . . and please, if you are short on time, I’m not offended if you don’t comment on every post. (even if you’re NOT short on time lol)

  2. They’re so cute! I like to do the same thing when I knit or crochet something with identical pieces. Why can’t we make two of the same thing that wind up the same size!? ❤

    • I made a pair of footed leggings for my first son as part of his layette; I hadn’t knitted for a few years, so I followed the pattern religiously, or so I thought . . . when it said to knit, say, 7″, on the leg, I decided to be ‘perfect’! I counted the number of rows. Some days later, working on the other leg, I mnade the exact number of rows. I was so sure it would work (why wouldn’t it?) that I never compared the two until after I stitched them together. I still have them somewhere . . . one leg is more than an inch too long! I can’t remember if he ever wore them . . . I was so embarassed!! Never did that again!! I’m amazed, still, at how much tension can vary over time. My crochet not so much, but the knitting . . .

    • Yes, it’s simple to make, too. I didn’t like the combination of the forest green with the other colours, but too late now . . . in the store, they looked a more close match. Darn fluorescents . . . I’d suggest, if you try them, that you not work too tightly and make the smallest size first, to get a ‘feel’ for the pattern. I found it a bit tricky in bits, but not too much so. But then, I’m comfortable ‘fudging’ if necessary. Besides, it could have been me; I was interrupted by talking with my Aunty several times; also I was just into the vamp part, did one circuit, then put them down for a day. When I started up again, I could not remember which way I was working. Now, if I put my work down, I leave my hook inserted on the side I hold ‘up’, with the hook end pointing in the direction to go. 😉

  3. I made myself a pair of these and my husband swiped them, hot pink and black colour-way and all! He’s worn holes in the bottom though so I need to darn them up again. *sigh*

    • Marvelous Martin!! I love that he swiped them! (not for your sake, but it says a lot about him . . .) Have you tried using the dimensional fabric paint on the bottom of slippers? It can help make them slip-proof and slows down the wear and tear. You can either apply it in chevron rows or as little ‘kisses’ like the chocolate candies. Works great on footy sleepers for kids, too. I used to like darning, but haven’t done it for some time now. When I see my wooden egg again . . .

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