Sampson’s Muffins . . . or the Further Adventures of Delilah

It’s early afternoon and I just looked in on Delilah . . .

20130510-141443.jpg . . . as you can see, she is most fecund; I only gave her a new ‘feed’ of 1% milk last night (right out if the fridge, too!) and she has already thickened it . . . what to do?? A most delicious dilemma . . .

I got out my ‘Joy of Cooking’ (’cause its standard, old-school recipes will suit both Mum and my Aunty, both in their 90s. I chose the “Sour Cream Muffins” recipe and halved it. This is supposed to make a dozen 2″ muffins, but mine will be a bit larger. If I have dough left over, I think it will become a yummy pancake . . .

I did use about 7/8 cup of white flour, then added wheat germ to make one cup. Then baking powder, baking soda, salt and 1tablespoon of white sugar. I also added a tablespoon of soy protein powder, but no telling, ok? Nutrition works best when it’s hiding in a yummy disguise. 😉

For flavour, I added cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg. I chopped a small handful of sulternas 😉 ’cause my Aunty likes them chopped – they distribute better, she says.

By now, the dry mixture was in my favourite glass bowl (well, it’s Mum’s bowl, but my favourite, if you know what I mean . . . ) to free up the one cup glass measuring cup.

In that, I broke an extra-large egg and beat it up with a plastic fork. I added Delilah’s offspring from last night (lucky me, there was exactly a cup!) and beat it some more. It helps to remember that egg mixtures are a bit masochistic, I find. I was going to add a bit of vanilla, but I forgot . . . in the next adventure, ok, Delilah?

20130510-152629.jpg I added wet to dry in the time-honoured fashion and mixed roughly with Mum’s smallest wooden spoon (also a favourite of mine . . .) and . . . into the lightly greased muffin pan it went!


20130510-153805.jpg . . . and . . . into the countertop oven they were popped (screaming their silent little screams, no doubt, but I wasn’t listening . . . I can be quite self-centred and ruthless at times . . . )

20130510-154047.jpg a little later I checked on them:

20130510-154123.jpg mmmm, good wee muffins, rising nicely . . . so, meanwhile (meanwhile WHEN? as a favourite author once said), I gently but firmly weaned Delilah’s second litter ??, put her back in the glass jar and made her happy again with a fresh drink of milk; she’s a good Mum when it comes to fecundity, but gets on with her life rather quickly once they leave the nest . . .

OK, the jar is no longer only a jar, it is now “Nido Caelestis” (Heavenly Nest)!

and, as I was saying, meanwhile . . .

20130510-155239.jpg Delilah’s offspring of the second (what?! I can’t say ‘littering’ and ‘pregnancy’ doesn’t quite fit . . . OK, got it: ‘Delilah’s second family’ is in the Magic Bullet’s largest ‘party’ container and that’s the frozen strawberries and a banana about to be added . . . then a teaspoon of powdered nutritional yeast (Engevita):

20130510-181100.jpg a scoop of soya protein powder (no way to tell if it’s GMO or not, thanks to our government’s refusal to insist on labelling, so I just don’t think about it . . . much . . . )

20130510-181254.jpg next, some vanilla (see the wee brown drizzle?):

20130510-181347.jpg . . . and a dollop of real Canadian maple syrup! I hope you lot down under know you can make maple syrup from other maples (or birch syrup from birch sap); I’ll have to post about our older son’s maple syrup adventure . . .

20130510-181725.jpg Like that lovely sweet brown syrup wending its way down through the kefir? MMMmmmmm…….
And here it is, whipped into a nutritious frenzy . . . but . . . where are the muffins?

20130510-182401.jpg Didn’t I hear the buzzer? Where are the potholders? Oh, here they are; take a moment to admire; these were knitted by my Aunty from Sugar N Cream cotton yarn about a decade ago and given to my Mum.

20130510-182700.jpg and . . . here they are; at last!!

“What, you didn’t wait for me?”

20130510-184017.jpg “Nope! I had a new stand-alone mystery waiting . . . ”

20130510-184641.jpg “But . . . but . . . look at me! Is that a perfect crumb or what?”

20130510-184841.jpg A few minutes later . . .

20130510-184932.jpg “Oh, well, at least I have another for my bedtime snack . . .”
In between baking and blending, I managed a couple loads of laundry.

Thought you might like this T-shirt that one of my sisters bought for our Mum at the Vancouver (BC) Public Library . . .

20130510-185311.jpg My Mum, my sisters and I all say a loud “AMEN” to that thought . . .

Oh, and I worked more on the new shawl . . .

20130510-190848.jpg Bet you can’t guess where that goes . . .

I’ve done a lot more, too, but that’s another post . . . did I ever tell you I inherited the family ‘tease’ gene?? 😉


32 thoughts on “Sampson’s Muffins . . . or the Further Adventures of Delilah

  1. What a fantastic result Linne! Isn’t it great when you get your beasties working with and for you? Pity we don’t live closer as you could have the 4 litres of mature kefir that I have sitting in the fridge waiting for me to work out what to do with them! (Milk kefir, not the non-dairy that I snarf as soon as I make it 😉 ). Lovely muffins, GORGEOUS shawl…no idea what you are doing with that round bit but hey, I dare say we will find out sometime soon (you terrible tease you! 😉 ). And so the kefir adventure begins… 🙂 Did your aunty and mum like the muffins?

    • It is SO amazing, Narfie7 😉
      I was smart and used just over a cup of milk to feed the lovely temptress today; tomorrow I should have enough kefir for another afternoon smoothie.

      For lots of reasons, I wish we lived closer; maybe we could kidnap Christi and co; rabid and Kym . . . ever thought of taking over Tas?? We could create a model country, holding quarterly Uni-Uni (Universal University) sessions where you lot could teach hugelkultur, etc. Of course, the whole isle would be a food forest by then . . . have you ever read “Islandia” by Austin Tappan Wright? No Huglekultur there, of course, but a good read with so many great ideas . . .

      As to the 4 litres, have you tried adding some to the dogs’ food? or the chooks’? Homesteaders here used to feed soured milk to chooks or pigs; bet it would give your dogs amazing coats and MORE energy!! (forget I said that last ;-/ ) Worst comes to worst, maybe add it to a small ‘special’ compost pile, for use in starting seeds . . . or bake more for Super Steve 😉 He can always work it off . . . or he can just be content with expanding his ‘horizons’ . . .

      My Auntie told me that her Grandma and her Mum both kept a small crock on the back (cool part) of the cookstove. In it was milk soured and thick; sounds like a kefir-type substance. They would take a dish-ful and sprinkle it with brown sugar and cinnamon for a dessert or snack.

      I’m lucky to be an Omni-Flex; I could go through that gallon SO fast . . .

    • Yes, they both liked the muffins. So I’ll be making them again, next time the weather cools enough. It’s 7C (supposed to feel like 2C) now, at nearly 6:30 am, but is expected to reach 23 C later and 28C tomorrow. I’m still hoping for a couple of nice rainy days . . .

      My Aunty’s place heats up in the morning and Mum’s in the afternoon, so it can be tricky scheduling some things.

      • I hope you are not complaining about the heat already Linnie!!! 😉 I can send you some of your Arctic winter back for a few days if you like? ;). Your talking about muffins has made me want to make some now and I have enough kefir to sink a battle ship. I might have to resort to letting Earl eat some as he likes it. Bezial would rather eat his own left foot than taste it. I know Earl likes it because when I had sunburn I put some kefir on my face (supposed to be good for sunburn and it was!) and Earl kept trying to lick it off ;). Kefir is the bomb! 🙂 Have a great Sunday Linnie 🙂

      • Don’t tempt me, Narfie7!!
        Remember, Zi spent most of my adult life on the Wet Coast and learned to LOVE moderation! Spring and Autumn are SO invigorating and I always feel cheated when we go from freezing to boiling in a few days . . . but I promise not to whinge on all summer and then switch to snow ranting . . . I’m supposed to be a big girl now . . .

        What about making muffins and either freezing them or giving them away? or sell ’em to anyone with no time to bake . . .

        That’s a timely hint on sunburn; I’m about to go out to the post office, where a package is waiting for Mum.

        So far, it’s a nice Saturday here; how’s your Sunday? Ours will be Mothers’ Day; not sure yet what I’ll be doing. Mum will go to my sister’s, but I will only go if my Aunty is willing to go, too.

        Have a great day yourself!

      • It’s mothers day here as well Linnie :). It is also going to be cold. I have to spend the day perusing the other 168 entries in the virtual vegan potluck for great recipes and cooking “things” not sure what yet but the urge is upon me! 😉

      • Happy Mother’s Day, Narf7!!
        With four ovens, I bet the kefir will be sadly (happily?) depleted soon . . .

        What about cheesecake, then use the whey in bread? Since you’re going that way anyhow . . .

        . . . or herb n garlic cream cheese and crackers . . .

        oh, ideas are the easiest thing . . . 😉

        Haven’t looked at the VVP yet; am interested, though . . .

      • Steve is fussy Linnie and doesn’t like kefir and I don’t use milk so don’t use the milk kefir so it just sits in the fridge…doing its thang and fermenting away exponentially (I just release the cap of its container daily to release the gasses! 😉 ).

      • If you use the kefir in baking, can Steve tell the difference? My Mum and Aunty thought the muffins were great (and they knew I’d added kefir to them).

        I was just thinking; after a hard day’s work on the farm, why not add kefir to your bath a la Cleopatra? or maybe you could market a new product: Serendipity Feel-Good Milk Bath. (I’m assuming you know that kefir is Turkish for ‘feel good’)

      • My skin certainly feels good after I slather it all over it. I dare say it’s going to bleach my skin white but what the heck! 😉 I can just be like Mr Burns out of the Simpsons when they pumped him full of meds and he glowed in the dark and everyone thought that he was an alien…I shall be…the stuff that tales are made of! 😉

      • Yes…using the correct vernacular is a good thing occasionally…I bastardise the English language so incredibly badly most of the time, it looks weird when I actually use the correct words in the correct places! 😉

      • So far as I’m aware, “shall be” is correct; I was questioning your usage of tense 😉 “am” is what I would suggest . . . ;-P

      • Yup…got up at 2am. Couldn’t sleep as it is FINALLY raining here on the one day we need to go to the city :(. Typical eh? ;). Bezial was more than happy to take my warm spot, Jess is up to 🙂

      • Nice you got rain; too bad it’s today . . . take it when you can get it, though.

        2 am!?!?! I’m rarely up then . . . You night owls 😉

      • I know what you mean!! I wake before six most days, so check blog stuff or read ’til nine, when my Aunty gets up.

        Mum is just gone to my sister’s; Aunty didn’t want to go. Am taking a break at Mum’s place so Aunty doesn’t feel ‘babysat’.

        Gonna do some cleaning and get the recycling out to the balcony. Then back downstairs for more Mystery . . .

        Hope you are having a lovely, though wet, day . . .

      • You may want to bake some doggie treats with kefir in them . . . and if you include a bit of plastic, Earl will scarf them up 😉

      • I cannot believe ANYthing would eat a pool noodle; that is so far beyond the pale . . . Oh, Earl . . . what will they do with you? ~ Linne

      • He figures anything that has a half life and that is still roughly in the approximation of the “deposit” that he left off the side of the road in the bushland 6 months ago is going to extend his life exponentially…Earl would love to be a robot dog…

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