400 ppm

If you don’t know what “400 ppm” means, you should: it’s the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is a record high since 10 MILLION years ago! But don’t lose hope; instead, work to reduce your carbon footprint and also to offset the footprints of those who don’t/won’t care to do so themselves. It’s Mother’s Day today; and we need to spare a thought and take some action for our Original Mother; Gaia. ~ Linne

Rabid Little Hippy

Via Dolorosa.

Not a happy story. Not good news. Not a single thing here that we humans can be proud of, unless you’re proud of how we have screwed up this beautiful planet of ours.

What can we do about it? Well, there are only 2 things to do in my opinion. 1. Double, if not treble our actions to minimise our carbon footprint and reliance upon fossil fuels, and that’s for those doing something about it. For those that aren’t, it’s time to start (actually it’s well past time but can’t change that now). Number 2, Batten down the hatches. Climate change IS coming. Our climate WILL change and there is nothing we can do to change that now.

Be prepared.

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4 thoughts on “400 ppm

  1. Here in Tassie we know the value of paying attention to those results. We have very little ozone left over us. The “Rest of the world” managed to get out of wearing the results of their industrial activities and like most things “unpleasant” they shuffled it off to the outer regions of uppercumbuckance (Tasmania in this case) to wear. We have no ozone over Tassie. The sun is UBER hot here when it shines and you burn in 2 minutes if you have fair skin like I do. Cheers rest of the world. Do you think you could stop removing the ozone layer any day soon? Please?

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