Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday or today; take your pick)

I hope not too many are reading this and that you are off enjoying the day with your Mum or with your own family.

I’ve had a good morning with my Aunty (whose sons are working out of town this weekend, but a daughter-in-law is dropping by later); Mum is over at my sister’s so I am sneaking in some cleaning (she always says “don’t you have better things to do?”).

I sneaked up this morning with her card; in it I tucked a chocolate bar (she won’t let me buy her gifts) and a lotto ticket for next Friday. Hope she’s lucky; she said if she is, she’ll split the winnings with me 🙂  I mentioned the other sibs and she said if they wanted to split the winnings, they should buy her a ticket! Gotta love my Mum!! She’d share anyway; she’s just like that.

Mum was only 10, a middle child of nine (one of the original ten had died a couple of years earlier), so it was important to her to be a mother to us. She worked so hard, sacrificed a lot, was super-creative and NEVER complained or threw it up at us that she had done so much for us; she feels it was her choice to be a Mum and to live that life and it’s not on us if it was hard at times (and the early days were often hard).

I’ll be posting more about her on the other blog one day. Today there’s not going to be time.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!  ~ Linne


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day (yesterday or today; take your pick)

    • She is! Not perfect, of course, but who is, really? I didn’t have much time with my parents after I left home, so I’m lucky to have it now.

  1. We planted a claret Ash for my mum when she died. It was her favourite tree. Ashes are hardy, strong, resiliant survivors and my mum couldn’t have picked a tree more like her. Every time I walk past it I think of mum. It might be tiny, it might have had most of it’s leaves predated by the possums BUT the leaves that are left have turned the most amazing colour this year :). You did it again mum! I won’t ever forget you or what you did for us and every year I appreciate you and what you did more and more 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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