The AddATree blog: this is an inspiring story . . .

I would have re-blogged this post, but some blog programmes don’t seem to allow re-blogging (or else I haven’t figured it out yet)

I love that the writer makes the point that sometimes we have to help a child learn to appreciate nature. This should be required reading for all educators . . .  ~ Linne


2 thoughts on “The AddATree blog: this is an inspiring story . . .

  1. A great post and the ONLY way someone learns is through experiencing and understanding the experience on a level that makes sense to them. Otherwise it’s just so much “BLAH BLAH BLAH” that aint going to stick!

    • MMmmm . . . I agree! I’ve often pointed out the difference between ‘knowing about’ and ‘KNOWING’; when questioned, I compare reading about childbirth or sex to actually having the experience . . . most people get it then . . .

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