An inside job on the pizza

Wheat-sensitive? Check out rabid little hippy’s variation of Narf7’s Stromboli! Bet it makes you drool on your keyboard . . . ~ Linne

Rabid Little Hippy

Sick, tired and inspired. It’s an awkward combination. It’s been a long way with sick kids, a cranky Mummy running on too little sleep and too much caffeine, a stressed Daddy who was several hours late going in to work (doe to aforementioned sick kids) and all round one of those days where pretty much everything that could go wrong, did go wrong and then some. But despite it all I have been inspired this past week by the blog of a friend involved in the The Virtual Vegan Potluck who cooked a glorious Serendipitous Stromboli and today was the day for my tweaked up version thereof.

We try to cook all breaded foods with sourdough yeast rather than conventional yeast. The souring time that’s involved removes much of the phytic acid that is found in grains like wheat etc and it means I am able to tolerate wheaten products so in…

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6 thoughts on “An inside job on the pizza

    • More for me, then . . .

      Most of my favourite sandwiches could be adapted to this if I took out things like lettuce and made a salad to go with . . .

      And now I’m thinking there are likely lots of fillings that would work with your original recipe, too.

      • I’m a big eater, too, and love food; so when possible I also like lots of veggies. But I’ve cut back on amounts when eating trad. meat, spud n veg meals. I feel better with less, too. And helps that I’m usually a pretty plain cook (less clean-up); I like to steam a potful of varied veg and eat that with rice or pasta. Think I need a second fridge just for veg; or a garden and greenhouse somewhere more temperate. Although the Nearings did well with an unheated greenhouse in Maine, later in Vermont . . .

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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