and the Mystery grows . . .

I’ve been busy and had limited time at the computer. Keeping up with my Feed Reader hasn’t quite happened.

I’ve enjoyed sharing some interesting posts / blogs with you, though.

That said, I haven’t been idle . . .

20130514-183216.jpg Yes, I know it’s not too clear . . . it’s a Mystery . . . πŸ˜‰


26 thoughts on “and the Mystery grows . . .

      • bike pedal cover, cd warmer, half a beanie, camera lens cover, dog nose warmer, tiny polishing cloth for a gnome…

      • a small pocket to carry around your favourite beetle, a milk jug cover, a tea cosy, an organic cup coaster that you can slide from one end of the table to the other, something to drape over your camera in the car so prospective thieves can’t see it…

      • A sock heel, part of a glove, a cover for a computer speaker, a multicoloured dust cloth, a mouse holder (computer or squeaking kind…your choice…), a Christmas ornament holder, a dog nose warmer…

      • I am going to have to knit, crochet, Earl a coat this year, he is already shivering when we walk and it’s only autumn! Pink? Sparkles?…clothes pin shawl, chicken beak cover, pot mit, mouse hole liner, part of a string of bunting…

      • Poor Earl! Maybe just upcycle a set of Stanfields?? πŸ˜‰

        Still no cigar, Narfie7! But a couple of times you’ve crossed its orbit . . .
        “Use the Farce, young Padawan!”

      • farce eh? Farce meat? Ok…here we go! A string bikini for a chicken…a surgical mask for a pigs snout…a brightly coloured strainer for kefir…a pretty cover for a jar of fruit mincemeat…

      • You kill me!! in a good way, of course! I’m sitting here just laughing . . . you are definitely cooler with this lot . . .
        I actually know what farce meat is, you know . . . and I think we both deserve to be ‘pun’ished . . . ~ Linne

      • err…ok a key ring? (cooler you say…) cool…sunglass covers? (sunglasses are cool…), a didgeridoo filter to stop the Alice Springs dust from clogging up the blowers lungs (thought I might throw something obscure in there to see how it went…), a pen cover, a little pocket for a special rock…

      • “Cooler” as in further away πŸ˜‰
        Still cool (try being ‘uncool’; I know it’s hard for you) πŸ™‚

        Or . . . send me a didjeridoo and I’ll tell you! When I was in the opening/closing ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games in Victoria (BC), I met musicians from all over, including Aus. I got to hold a didjeridoo! Love the sound. Funny, the didjeridoo is mentioned in “Variable Star”; apparently its players were the first to invent ‘circular breathing’ . . .

      • Yeah…you gotta love a nation that can suck and blow at the same time ;). Steve owns a didjeridoo and it’s in his music room. A friend was throwing it away and Steve claimed it for his “art”. The dogs go ballistic when we attempt to play it πŸ˜‰ uncool eh? a knitted napkin for a glass of tequila…a tiny mat to put under tapas plates…small Japanese mat under the sushi plates on a carousel…a wig for an eel…a tiny hat for an outdoor gnome that you took pity on…

      • I can’t hear “throwing away” without a HUGE urge to rush wherever and rescue!! Go ahead and laugh; I know it sounds crazy . . . but one day people like me will be the ‘go-to’ people. I MAY share then . . . likely after a granny lecture on “why didn’t you prepare for this?” πŸ˜‰

        Glad S-S has it! Criminal to throw away books, supplies, musical instruments and old furniture, etc. And by old I do NOT mean last decade’s fashion faux-pas! (I can’t remdmber the correct plural for ‘faux pas’ HELP!)

        Why do most people think there will always be a chain store busily making cheap stuff to buy and discard?? Haven’t they read “The Lorax”?

      • They had the Lorax in their pristine bookshelves that never got touched…another episode of “Black Books” has a man coming into Bernards store asking for a leather bound set of books to put on his shelf…doesn’t care what they are, they just have to be “leather bound” and Bernard says “sorry, I can’t sell them to you because your pounds aren’t leather bound πŸ˜‰

      • Ok, I love Bernard! I do love matching leather-bound sets, but to not care what’s in them . . . :-0
        A perfect answer, too!

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