Not a Mystery . . .

What I did today:

I am back at Mum’s, presumably until next Tuesday morning. Transitions are not always easy for me, but I’ve learned to go easy on myself. Brought my crafty stuff up in several trips tbrough the day. Last trip at about 9:00 pm; watched the Rick Mercer Report (CBC), a favourite of mine; checked in on a few blogs via my FeedReader. Unrolled my bedroll after clearing the couch.

Now I have a snack ready of choc chips, cashews and sulternas ;-), along with a book I’ve put off reading; I’m not fond of established writers collaborating with newer authors (it rarely goes well – for my taste, anyway) and this is a collaboration between a dead author and one whose work I’d vaguely heard of, but not read.

The dead author is Robert A. Heinlein, whose work I adored when I was a teen and into my 30s. But our points of view diverged rather sharply on some major issues, so I enjoyed his books by simply putting parts of my opinionated brain to ‘sleep’ for the duration. Then the plots grew more convoluted, I found new loves in the Great Library and for awhile Mr. Heinlein languished in the shadows of mrmory.

A while ago I began re-reading his early works, especially the ones written for teens and re-discovered my love, along with our philosophical diversity.

THEN . . . I saw a ‘new’ book by this very dead author; the collaborator was one Spider Robinson’. I had mixed feelings, took it home, then read other things for a while.

Yesterday I began reading “Variable Star” and was happy to find I was enjoying it! First, I googled Mr. Robinson and then I felt more comfortable with the whole thing. I read about him, his work, his wife (who lost her battle with cancer), his two year old grand-daughter and his daughter, now winning her own fight with cancer. Her blog is well worth reading and she is an inspiration to all of us in our own daily challenges:

Spider Robinson’s website is also worth checking out:

So now I’m off to the future . . .


Oh, wait! I nearly forgot . . . I never explained the title of this post . . . it’s two-fold (never settle for simple when complex beckons, I say):

The book is not a Mystery, it’s Sci-Fi.

The other thing I did today is NOT a Mystery, either . . . it’s this:


See you on the Dark Side of the Moon . . . πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Not a Mystery . . .

    • I have to laugh at this; not at you, but ’cause I’ve always read so much I’ve neglected many other things. More than a book a day for many years. Now I’m lucky to finish two books a week, but at least I’m getting lots of handwork done. If I had a place in the country, I’d be only reading at night most of the year; there would be so much to do in garden, house, forest, etc.

      What I do envy you is being led to books you would not normally read. I’ll have to post soon on ‘Variable Star’; like many books, it came into my life at the perfect time and has SO much that is relevant to me right this minute. I have bought books in the past, knowing I’d read them one day; then years later, come across them, read them and found I was right! The book was relevant when I read it, but would not have been if I’d read it when I bought it . . . Hope that makes sense to you. It sounds a bit convoluted to me as I write it . . .

      Would love to hear what you are reading; both your usual and the new, not so usual, reads.

  1. Err…it’s a mystery to me! πŸ˜‰ Kudos on finding the time to read Linnie, We are too busy to see our tails getting out of bed before they are right back in bed and fast asleep! πŸ˜‰

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