A Taxing Day . . .

Well, I did it!! All my Income Tax returns have been completed!!!

But I forgot to post the Word for Wednesday . . . I guess this one will be a Word for the Week 🙂 . . . seriously, though, I’m posting it tomorrow; it’s 1:17 am and I’m bushed!!

Other good news: Delicious Delilah continues to thrive and I’m making a smoothie a day! They don’t need maple syrup now, though.

A banana, 5 or 6 small strawberries, 1 tsp nutritional yeast, 1level scoop soya powder; add kefir, top up with apple juice and blend. SO good!!


36 thoughts on “A Taxing Day . . .

  1. I have to ask, why is your 90 year old mum doing a tax return?? Does she work??? In Oz we have an electronic option. I have used it for my sons, and it was quite straight forward.

    • ’cause without doing a return she would not receive the Seniors’ Supplement that gets her a little closer to the underside of the poverty line. And it means she gets a small amount from the provincial government, too.

      She worked hard all her life, but not ‘out for money’ so she has no private pension. Dad’s pension stopped when he died, of course, and as far as I know, his Army Survivor’s Benefit only came in for a few months after that.

      I suppose it’s part of why so many women were persuaded that ‘working out’ was a good choice.

      Mum raised nine kids, and the hard way, too. But if no $$ changes hands, your work counts for naught. Here, anyway.

      My Dad sure respected what Mum did and regarded her as an equal partner; not a common attitude for his generation.

      • Oh I see. When you retire here you don’t need to do a tax return unless you work more than the allowed hours. Only allowed about 12hrs a week, I think. Other than that you get your pension every fortnight.If you work more hours you have to let them know and they take away the appropriate amount from your pension.There is a cut off to the pension if you earn too much but not sure how much that is.

      • That’s quite different from here. People who ‘work’ (i.e. get paid in $$) mostly have money paud into CPP, Canada Pension Plan, which you can apply to receive from age 60 on. As it’s based on how much was paid in, the earlier you take it, the less you get overall. If there’s not much in the fund, as in mine (I mostly did itinerant farmwork, housekeeping and childcare in my earlier years. I wanted the flexibility and to remain at home with our sons. It’s such a short time that we have them.) Everyone who has ever had $$ paid into their CPP collects that.

        Anyway, there is also the OAS, Old Age Supplement, for those who either didn’t work for $$, or whose CPP is very low. OAS has to be applied for in the beginning and is based on declared income each year. OAS currently begins at age 65, but new regs are coming into effect, so that anyone born in 1957 or later won’t be eligible until age 67. There is talk of pushing the age even further back.

        There is the federal GAIN supplement, too; again based on income.

        Then there is a Provincial supplement that is based on declared income and which varies from province to province. I don’t know how that is determined, but it’s related to income, so far as I know.

        If a person works for a company (or several), but doesn’t own a business or have complex investments, they may fill out a shorter tax form (written, of course, in language that makes me feel like Bernard in that first installment of Black Books!); if they have a more complex financial life, they might as well throw themselves under the bus . . . well, no, not actually . . . but the thought of the long form makes me feel that way 😉

        Taxation and other high finance are not designed for people like myself, no matter how intelligent we might be. And that language . . . maybe their mothers should have washed their little mouths out with soap when they had the chance . . . 🙂 As you can tell, that’s not my forte; which leaves me at a complete loss to explain how (and why) I aced the only bookkeeping course I ever took 🙂

        I used to say that if we threw all the money, the lawyers and the clocks in the ocean, the world would be a happier place. We wouldn’t really notice the absence of most politicians or bean-counters, either (except personally, of course), but if we lost all the farmers, nurses, builders, etc. we would be lost ourselves.

        Well, that’s a discussion for another day 🙂

      • Meant to say, too, Kym; if you can only work 12 hours and keep most of the money, you’d best make those hours worthwhile, eh?

      • Wow that’s a lot of different things to have to consider eh. We have superannuation to help us with our pension. Whoever gives someone a job has to pay a percentage into a superannuation fund. You can get it when you retire. Like you, our government is pushing back the retirement date, and to be honest I don’t think there will be anything left for a pension when my husband and I retire. We will have to make sure that our superannuation is healthy. Yes 12 hrs is pretty small. My father in law was a lolly pop man. You know the people who stand outside schools and get children across the road safely. It was basicly an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I am not good with handling accounts either. The only time I was in charge of money and keeping records of it was when my son was in playgroup. They said it’s so easy and what can go wrong, such a small amount to worry about :/ They didn’t know about my ability, or lack thereof. I could never get it to balance!! Usually ended up with too much so that wasn’t as much as a disaster lol 🙂

      • I’m laughing! That sounds just like me . . . Most of my friends and family are good at all that; not me, though. I didn’t worry about pensions; I honestly didn’t think the world would last that long. Nuclear war seemed so imminent. But here I am, after all . . . never too late to learn, they say 🙂

  2. Kudos on the tax completion. Have you ever watched a U.K. television sitcom called “Black Books”? I just KNOW you would love it…it is about Mr Bernard Black, an Irish book store owner who is the biggest alcoholic reprobate known to man and the entire series is hilarious. Here’s a YouTube clip about him doing his taxes…hopefully you can watch it and enjoy ;)…

    • I may have to move to Ireland . . . 🙂 I should have time to watch later in the day; have to hook up my earphones to Mum’s computer first. At least I know where they are! No, I’ve never even heard of Black Books, but I love bookstores, bookstore owners (well, most of ’em anyway) and then to have it in Ireland . . .
      Thanks a bunch, Narfie7!!

      • I think I might have just introduced you to your new favourite program…it was HUGE here and I have all of the series 🙂

      • Narf7, I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the link; NetFlix doesn’t carry it; OR several of my favourite movies . . .

        Will let you know how I like it and I’m sure I will!

      • Just checked out a few min and LOVE it. Have to get stuff done, though, but maybe can watch an episode tonight on the computer. Have to remember data charges on my phone 😉
        Think I’ll start with Episode One and work forward. Nice to have a treat to look forward to . . . Thank you!!

      • Oh, yes! But I will ration myself; only two days to get stuff done and this one’s half spent . . .

      • Getting stuff done is for chumps! LOL seriously though, we have to do the very same thing so we are combining business and pleasure and heading out into the big beyond to take photos for our last assessment today with the dogs champing at the bit to be let out in new territory…it promises to be an “interesting” morning to say the least! 😉

      • Have lots of fun!
        I was just thinking . . . you need a stoneboat; you could train the hounds to pull (more safely than with wheels); then you will need a big two-wheeled cart like they use in Belgium . . . the dogs would get a workout and you would get stuff done. Great transport mode, too, don’t you think?? 😉

      • For that reflex, I recommend loading the stoneboat with rocks . . . I used one with a lot of hay bales to train draught horses to pull a large tourist wagon, back in the day . . . Can offer pointers once you build the stoneboat (handy for moving rocks, wood, etc., too) 😉

      • And what a great response to the two door-knockers! I love debating and, like Bernard, I usually know more, so it can be lots of fun!

      • Yeah, I loved that the Jehovah’s witnesses had never had to think further than knocking on the door and being turned away before and when the little one hugged Bernard it was hilarious ;).

      • So true, isn’t it? They always seemed surprised when I not only was open to discussion, but usually knew more . . . I used to say if I’d been a man, and Catholic, I’d have been a Jesuit; I can debate ’til the cows come home! on pretty near any topic . . .

      • My girls kept asking them in and taking their literature but they got bored of it and now can’t get rid of them! I told them they would regret being bolshie 😉

      • Oh, they should never regret being bolshie; we need more of them . . .

        BTW, on my break, I had a Delicious Delilah smoothie and watched episodes 2 and 3. Poor Manny! Anyone else would kill for help like that. And the cleaning guy! And now he’s going out with Fran . . . nothing like a namesake, eh? 🙂

      • Yes, she does. This is going to be interesting . . .

        BTW, have you seen a movie called “Serenity” and a TV series called “Firefly”?? Sci-Fi (they are related; same cast and all) both were done by Joss Whedon. Anyway, do check them out. Humour, action, good acting, too.

      • Just click on the ‘Play’ button, Kym! Or you can go to YouTube, type in Black Books, episode 1 and then get going . . . don’t watch if you’re in danger of waking anyone up! 😉
        Narfie7, I love it!! He is so ME!! I hate that government language, too. There’s a smart jacket in my near future, methinks . . .
        Good thing Bernard lives in dreamland . . . or I’d have to move to Eire!!
        Thank you lots! ~ Linne

    • Yes, and I’m not good at it. I have to confess; this was for four years; they don’t shoot you if you have a refund owing 🙂 I wanted the cushion, so it’s all good now.

      A friend who’s an accountant recommended free software created by accountants (Canadian taxes only) and it was great!

      I’ve bought software before, but it’s pricey for just one person and only good for one year. If the government would only settle on the rules and leave them alone . . . but that’s not to their advantage . . .

      • That’s interesting. The receiver of revenue in South Africa has an e-return filing system now which I understand is very user-friendly. No download involved, no separate app. I don’t use it myself because I have an accountant, but my friends have said they think even I would be able to manage if I had to. hahahaa

      • We can file electronically, too. My 90 year old Mum does it every year, but I’ve always thought that if I had trouble with government language in print, I’d never get through it online! But the package my friend recommended was easy to use and after asking some questions in the beginning, only gave me forms that were relevant to me. There was an option to open other forms if needed, though, and in one case I did.

        It’s rather ironic that I’m good with words and language, but government stuff just boggles me; I always think that I know what they mean, but I can see other possibilities and then it’s the millipede’s dilemma . . .

        If I had a complex return, I’d put out the money for a more complex software, but my return is pretty straightforward. And I’m glad to be done and over with it; ’til next year, anyway! I’ll have to be on time with it from now on; I’m slowly getting myself organized with stuff like that. ~ Linne

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