The Word for (Wednesday) the Week is …

. . . Princess!

Now, this is a word that I’m not fond of, and many have heard me use it in a very disparaging fashion; largely because of what it has come to connote in our culture. Pretty much, it’s the Disney definition, which I’ve never liked.

If you think that to be princessy means to be vain, shallow, self-centred, not too bright, and so on, don’t bother to read the rest of this post. There are a number of little girls in our family at present and when I saw the movie “Brave”, I wanted to cheer! But I won’t waste your time with my ranting opinions; if this interests you, and if you don’t think that ‘Barbie’ is the best role model for girls, go ahead and read the rest. There may never be another petition featured on this blog, either; it’s not my goal here. However, if you think I should occasionally post about this sort of thing, do let me know. Together, we change the world, one signature, one garden, one action at a time. Also, if you like to help bring change through petitions, go to or You will find plenty there!

~ Linne

Disney: Say No to the Merida Makeover, Keep Our Hero Brave!   

By A Mighty Girl

Merida was the princess that countless girls and their parents were waiting for — a strong, confident, self-rescuing princess ready to set off on her next adventure with her bow at the ready. She was a princess who looked like a real girl, complete with the ‘imperfections’ that all people have.

The redesign of Merida in advance of her official induction to the Disney Princess collection does a tremendous disservice to the millions of children for whom Merida is an empowering role model who speaks to girls’ capacity to be change agents in the world rather than just trophies to be admired. Moreover, by making her skinnier, sexier and more mature in appearance, you are sending a message to girls that the original, realistic, teenage-appearing version of Merida is inferior; that for girls and women to have value — to be recognized as true princesses — they must conform to a narrow definition of beauty.

In an interview with Pixar Portal, “Brave” writer and co-director Brenda Chapman stated, “Because of marketing, little girls gravitate toward princess products, so my goal was to offer up a different kind of princess — a stronger princess that both mothers and daughters could relate to, so mothers wouldn’t be pulling their hair out when their little girls were trying to dress or act like this princess. Instead they’d be like, ‘Yeah, you go girl!’”

This new Merida is a paler reflection of her former self without the spark and the ‘you go girl’ quality that her creator intended.

We write to you on behalf of all the young girls who embraced Merida as a role model, who learned from her that they too could go off on an adventure and save the day; that it’s not how you look that matters but who you are. For them and for all the children — both girls and boys — who benefit from seeing depictions of strong, courageous, and independent-minded girls and women that are so scarce in animated movies, we ask you to return to the original Merida that we all know and love. We ask you to keep Merida Brave!

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18 thoughts on “The Word for (Wednesday) the Week is …

  1. I guess I’m behind the times on this one, Linne – I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know what the new or old character looks like! ❤

    • If you get the chance, Stacy, do watch it. It may be on NetFlix. It’s an animation, but a great story. I went to see it primarily to listen to the lovely Scottish accents and fell in love with the whole movie. Merida is a real girl doing brave things; not a boy in girl’s clothes or a tomboy wearing boy’s clothes and trying to be one of them. A great role model. There’s more, but I won’t spoil it for you . . .

      The other animation I loved was ‘How to Tame Your Dragon’. I’m not a big fan of cartoons, but this was also a great story with good animation (several scenes with no words that are still SO touching!) and good voices. Check it out!

  2. Yes it’s true, they have dumped her “new” image and reinstated her as she was/is. It’s amazing what the power of the people can do. I love the internet for this.. I didn’t see that comic Fran but it would have made me laugh and it is right on the money!

  3. Disney has dumped the “new” Merida Linnie, the petition worked and got 200 000+ signatures in the first 2 days so Disney suddenly reinstated the “old” Merida in the barbie merida’s place. I saw an hilarious comic that someone had created with the “new” Merida talking about how she was so thin waisted and big busted and how she loved to serve her man and suddenly she stopped mid sentance with an arrow through the middle of her chest…pan to the REAL Merida who had shot her ;).

    • Awesome!! I do sign petitions for stuff I believe in, but you won’t see most of them here. I’m ok with people being different. But this was about a corporation . . .

      I wrote a long bit when I signed; was likely seen as a nutter’s rant. Oh, well.

      Glad to see that Bimbo Barbie is on the way out . . . (my opinion only and hope I haven’t offended any young readers who loved their Barbies)

      You could re-write that old song . . . “throw another Barbie on the barbie” LOL I know, not ecological . . . but fun!!

      • Lol…might be best to save that for when your neighbours piss you off eh? Have a lovely “Barbie” barbie when they invite their friends around for the day 😉

      • When Mum and I lived in her house a few years ago, the upwind neighbour would start up his barbie every nice day in the summer (or it seemed like it, anyway), drink lots of beer, turn his radio up LOUD, change stations halfway through every other song or so, and swear, also loudly, at his big dogs and whatever else . . .

        The smoke and noise made it unpleasant for us, even in the house. We shut the windows to keep out the smoke, but could still hear the radio and occasional swearing. My youngest sister ( much more assertive snd diplomatic than I) tried talking to him once (she and Mum were in the yard and couldn’t hear each other speak); he was so verbally abusive, she had to give it up.

        Could have used a few barbie dolls then! 😉

      • At least he didn’t do what some newly arrived renters in the neighbourhoods neighbour did the other day…turns out his house is being sold from under him (also a renter) and so he decided to lament it over a bottle of scotch…with a shotgun… I wouldn’t want to be the real estate agent who has to break that to the poor landlord would you? 😉

      • I can sympathise with him, but I sure don’t approve his form of expression! And no, I wouldn’t want to break the news! Good thing no one was hurt . . . these things can end badly.

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