It’s Sunday and we’re crushing on a spaceman

A real Canadian hero; He went to the stars (well, close, anyway! let’s not be picky here!) and returned as a real Star!! The most inspirational scientist, ever (well, in my opinion, anyway). Read this, check out Mr. Hadfield, make up your own mind; what impressed me most was how he took art to the stars; there was none of the usual ‘science is useful, art is a waste of time’ stuff that I’ve heard so often in my life in one form or another. What a great man. I’d vote for Chris Hadfield for Prime Minister any day; like today, actually!! Hope you enjoy this. ~ Linne


6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday and we’re crushing on a spaceman

      • I’ve heard him sing . . . great voice; not always my choice of content . . . don’t know much about him, sorry to say. Guess I should . . . good thing google is my friend!

      • Both Steve and I like him! Can’t say our musical tastes are very similar but he just has “that kind of voice” that is really great easy listening. We don’t buy any of his stuff but we don’t mind if he is on the radio 🙂

      • I tend to be pretty intense with most of my music; either the music itself or the lyrics; preferably both. Not much easy listening in my life . . . we diverge here, methinks . . . but not for long.

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